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since Jan 12, 2011
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Recent posts by Rahul Katta

Thanks Guys... and Thanks for all the posts and success stories on Ranch.

I read lot of posts before working on part 2 and 3
There are lot of posts on this forum that are helpful for part 2, especially links on wall of fame.
Mostly Followed Cade's example while designing.

Here is a summary of how i worked on Part 2.

1. Read some ranch posts on what tools to use. Downloaded and decided to use StarUML and Astah for UML and BlueGriffon for HTML
2. Read the assignment multiple times and wrote everything i could think of in assumptions and risks.
3. Decided that its all about domain objects and class diagram. I could see that i need a pattern to represent it. Created the class diagram for this part.
4. Followed Cade's example and decided to include all the classes jsps, ejbs, jsf beans (didn't include standard patterns)
5. Created sequence diagrams, i had to add/remove classes in class diagram after this step.
6. Followed Cade's example and created component and deployment diagrams.
7. I was constantly editing assumptions and risks while i created the diagrams.
8. Spent some time cleaning all diagrams in paint and making sure i got all the classes from sequence diagrams.
9. Created all the associations in class diagram. It became a mess. Decided to split it and include them along with the full diagram.
10. Created one class diagram with domain objects and one with rest of the classes. Explained that for readability purpose the class diagram is also split and shown as two.
11. Created all html files and added images, text to the html files.
12. Reviewed all diagrams and notes. Decided to include a section to explain the design as some of the posts said.

Bottom line is everything i did't want to design for/got a doubt about went into assumptions saying external systems or other components will handle it.

I found this post before taking part 3, i think its very good.

10 years ago
Finally got the email after 16 weeks.
I didnt get any score..Its an old style email saying "You have received a passing score. Passing grades do not receive a score, just the pass."

Assignment : Factory Homes submitted on 26th July.
essay on 27th July
10 years ago
Its been 4 business days since i took the essay exam. I didnt get any email from oracle saying that its been sent for grading.
Just wanted to know if anyone else is waiting just like me ...
Thanks Rishi, really appreciate it.

Did you specify just the number of CPUs or did you include clock rates as well ?
I read Cade's book, which says a two node cluster can be symmetric (both running at the same time) asymmetirc (one hot stand by) .
Does this mean the Database in Cade's deployment diagram is a three node cluster with two running at the same time and one hot stand by ?
appreciate your help ...
Cade's deployment diagram shows DB cluster and a hot stand by, do we need a hot stand by when we have a cluster ?
any pointers on specifying the CPUs, RAM, Network and Storage Details ?
Since the date will be October 1st according to this Post
I will get more time to complete it and even will have some buffer for re-submission, just in case, if its 12 months.
Thank You ..great link.. i was scared that i might have to finish it in a week or two.
Cleared part 1 with 68% the other day.
Thanks for all the resources and posts on Ranch.

Scored very less in Common Architectures, Web tier, Security (50, 50 and 25%).

I didn't feel that the exam was tough, but i must have paid attention to some of the technologies.
I did skip the topics, i personally feel are boring, like JSF and JCA/applet security stuff.
I thought the work experience i got in web app security will suffice, but apparently lot of questions were from applet security, JCA.

I have spent a lot of time studying patterns, which worked well for me.(88%)
I spent like 2 weeks (4-5 hours a day) preparing for the exam and almost a week looking for resources, revising and taking mocks (java champ, wizlabs trial and my collective material ).
Mostly read Mark Cade's book, GoF patterns book, Core J2EE patterns - Deepak Alur, Mikalai Zaikin's study guide
references, Java EE tutorial

patterns test link and my collective material link in this post were very helpful.

Downloaded Part 2. Will start working on that after a few days.

11 years ago

Andrew Monkhouse wrote:Congratulations Ludwin!

Rahul Katta wrote:What design patterns have you used ?

Personally I doubt that this information will help you, unless you happened to have the same version of the same assignment as Ludwin. And, of course, he cannot tell you both the assignment he had and the patterns he used as that would be a clear violation of Sun's policies, which could result in his certification being revoked (not to mention we would delete the topic).

Ok, just curious about how people design with patterns.
i might probably know that once i start preparing for the certification.
11 years ago
Congratulations !!!

What design patterns have you used ?
11 years ago