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Recent posts by Jennifer Schwartz

Thanks for breaking it down. I think I've finally got it.

Now, every time I see an array I'm going to see eggs.

All of the comments were very helpful and I'm sure I'll be posting other questions as they come along.
11 years ago
I like that analogy! It had crossed my mind that the reason for the second set of loops was because of the fact that it's two dim. Thanks for giving me the visual..sometimes it just takes a picture
11 years ago
I think I just need to see this visually or something, because I'm not understanding why it's using two sets of nested for loops. Could this example possibly use only 1 nested for loop to get the same result? Everything web site, or video I've watched on 2d arrays use only 1 set of for loops.
11 years ago
Putting this out there for anyone brave enough to try to nearly draw me a picture, cause I'm just not getting part of this:

Some of the comments are my own..please correct them as needed. I'm not getting the action of the two sets of nested for loops. The way I'm reasoning this is that the "boxes" (from a visual representation) is being counted and thus outputs 0-9 and in an uneven dimension. I understand the lines that initialize the second dimension. I just don't understand *precisely* what the for loops are doing other than incrementing from 0-9. Can someone comment the for loops for me to clarify? Thank you.>
11 years ago
Hoping someone can help me..I have posted at the Liferay forums but haven't received any help and I was a regular here in learning Java and received great help.

First off, I'm using Liferay 6 community ed. bundled w/Tomcat. Both reside on a Windows 2008 Server R2. My problem is when I edit the CSS or even add a page (which adds the page name to the nav menu) none of the changes show up. Most of the time the css changes will show up after I shut down and restart Tomcat, but the addition of the navigation is completely wiped when I restart. I have edited the and web.xml file with some recommended statements but has not corrected the problem. Is there something I am missing or can anyone pass on a link to a fix for this? I am on a deadline with my final project so I can graduate and this issue has had me stuck for days now. Thanks in advance.
11 years ago
I like that idea..should give me some extra points. Thanks!
11 years ago
Hi all,

I'm trying to come up with ideas for my senior paper and project that incorporates core Java 6. I don't have any experience with other Java flavors so I would like to stick with core fundamentals. I do have a background in web design and if at all possible would like to go that route. I have 2 months to complete a 15 page paper and the project itself, so anything that would fit in that time frame would work. Thanks in advance!

11 years ago
w/a 71%, but not bad for someone 3 mths new to higher level programming. Soooo freakin exhausted and ready for some major downtime!...but hey, I PASSED!!! haha
11 years ago
Thanks for the post...I'm scheduled to take the exam in less than 48 hrs and while I'm feeling the strain, I know that if I fail it's only an opportunity for me to grow even stronger
in the language. Keep your chin up and press on!
11 years ago

Ilya Mechnikov wrote:

David Byron wrote:

With overriding, we feel the power of the Dark Side

May the Schwartz be with you!

GOOD one Ilya!!
11 years ago
Ahh, a silver lining...I CAN be taught! It's these small breakthroughs that keep one motivated!
11 years ago
Ok, then it's actually overloaded because the # of parameters have actually changed.

So in regards to the actual implementation of the signature:

In overriding we are creating a new version of the method by changing it's implementation.

In overloading, does this mean we are pretty much creating a separate method?

Just trying to understand what each means to the functionality of the method...thanks!
11 years ago
Two short questions on an interface extending another interface:

My first (original) interface might have the following method sig:

while the sub-interface (don't know correct term) contains:

Is this last interface overriding the signature of the original? Because they are still ints, we are just changing the number of arguments...I have looked at many tutorials and still can't seem to get this.

And last question...If this interface is being extended, does the new interface have to be implemented once more by the next non-abstract class?

11 years ago
Good to hear, Bert! While I do find it very interesting and will revisit the whole topic, my time now is limited...13 days of study time left. Much appreciation for all the help.
Thanks Darryl! I wanted to just be sure the game wasn't being changed one me.

Yes, I seen the chart listing the combinations..hoping that aspect won't be on the exam.