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Recent posts by John Oconnor

I Passed my OCJWCD with the very very neeeded 64 per cent!!!

It was a really hard work for me because I had had studied any time the last summer, but for any problems finally I was fail.

This summer later a large 2014 between my work and my Studies (Electronical Engeniering) I decieded back to my OCJWCD Book (OCEJWCD Study Companion: Certified Expert Java EE 6 Web Component Developer (Oracle Exam 1Z0-899) by Charles Lyon) , because I only must work and I was more free time , to give my exam at January 31th.

Although I passeed my exam at limit of law, there is a very good razon, simple, I work with SWING, and nothing about WEB. That is because I work for a Argentinian Bank.

But I learned a lot of things, and I can understand many things that I made without have a great skill about web component development, like
-Learn all about Servlet, Request, Response, listeners,Scopes, and their handle
-Asincrounous Request (AJAX)
-Declarative Security
-Web development with Annotations

So my skills in these and other points change, and I can feel more secure for a future work oportunities.

Now I want to prepare for Enterprise Java Beans Developer , for this reazon, I buyed a eBook in Amazon Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 (5th Edition) May 26, 2006 by Richard Monson-Haefel and Bill Burke
I hope give this jump for 2016 because this year I Hope complete my programme. But I can know if this book is a correct way to start to read while, because in my work We use EJB 1.2 (Remember is a Bank , and only want any plataform secure, and tested full, and selled by IBM, XD)
I worked a time with EJB 3 .0 with annotations, and I feel confortable with others thinks like SQL, JMS, JDBC. so althougth I actually dont work whith this technologies, I hope understand and pass this new exam.

That is all for now
Also Thanks for Charles Lyon their book was and will be an excelent guide in a Web Development, and E Practice Labs team, ( althougth any many questions are wrong in thiers practice)
Regards for all from Argentina!
7 years ago

Charles Lyons wrote:Hi all,

Sorry for not coming around and keeping you updated.

I had a copy of the first production run in my hand yesterday and it looks great. From this I'm told:

Amazon globals: The various Amazon regionals should have it available later this week (you can pre-order)
Amazon Kindle: As soon as Amazon sort it out - shouldn't be too long I would imagine
USA and Europe: Other distributors should have copies to other outlets (online and bookshops) by end of month
Asia: There has been a delay with the Asian publication, so I'd expect that during late September
Oceania (Australia): September

We've expanded the book overall with 10% more content and revision questions, as well as rectifying errors (mostly reported by readers - thanks to everyone!) from the previous edition... it's a beefy size!

Nonetheless, it's finally here


Hi , first to all, I am very nice suprised. because I am preparing my (old named) SCWCD for the next year. I have bay the e-practice labs software also. I want know if the only support for the book is paper, because I need ship the book to Argentina and also know if there is refound, for example I had bay three times by the book SCMAD , the first nevers come to my home, the second the seller refound me, and the third the book (that already I have ) comes !.

While I am reading the oficial documentation from J2EE Documentation I think that this book can be a very good material.

Regards and thanks!


I only whant sent my acknowledges for SCMAD Exam Guide book Authors, and too for SCMAD E labs training, because yesterday I had become in a SCMAD (Oracle’s Java Mobile Edition 1 Mobile Application Developer Certified Professional , OCPJMAD 1) to achieve Oracle Certified Professional, Java ME 1 Mobile Application Developer Certification)

Thanks for all becuase in the last year also I had become in a OCMJD-SCJD

Only a thing i can say for all people who either use, or want will use the e practice lab software because there are some questions who appears with responses duplicates (for example in a multiple choice response) or there ara some responses who are wrong mark how correct, but the explain is correct.

Regards!!! and now i going to prepare my web services java certification

(excuseme Roberto Perillo and Roel because I do not found where leave this message)
10 years ago
Congrats man!

I have pass also the OCMJD this monday, and today I can view my score en Pearson VUE (350/400) no is better, but I have Passed!!!

Regards and go to celebrate!
11 years ago
Congrats!, I have passed also, but still have my score report available.
11 years ago

Hi "Ranchers", I have passed the OCMJD, only I have received the mail where says that ..."Congratulations! You have passed the Oracle Certified Master, Java SE6 Developer certification. You are among the elite 1% of certified Java professionals who have gone on to achieve the Oracle Certified Master, Java SE6 Developer certification"

Only can say thanks to all!, in special to Roberto Perillo and Roel De Nijs

Thanks! , I had take my essay at last june..... but later of almos 4 months I am certified!!!
11 years ago

Cathal Mullan wrote:Congrats John!

I did my essay at the end of July, but no result yet, what date did you do your essay?

I had take my essay the past 13th of July.

13! great number....
Hey guys!!! today I have received the most beatifull e-mail, I AM SCJD/OCMJD!!!
Thanks to all!, to Roberto Perillo, to Roel De Jenis, to all in this Forum, to all Ranchers who always give-me your hand when I need help!!!

To celebrate!!!, (and searh a new job?! jejeje) Regars from Argentina!!!

PD, now no is more importante the last match, Argentina 0 , Brazil 2!!!
Hi, "ranchers", I have take my essay exam (OCMJD 2/2) the past July, and today I have received a e-mail from ITS-Suport, that says:

"Good news! You have a test score entered at for an Oracle Master Certification exam. Please follow the link to your account on the Pearson VUE system to view your test score. "

So when I went to my account in Pearson VUE, nothing! , somebody received a similar e-mail?, now I am waiting for PearsonVUE support response because the only thing in that I can Think is view any change in my history at Pearson VUE

Regars and thanks for share
Welcome Ganosho! jejeje Ganesan Welcome and thanks for too new material about exams, I have made a 2 X 1 Thanks!
You have still hope!

Also review your assignment because the record locking was surely indicate, for my record locking says:

But wait, the OCMJD not is only a part, is all and essay exam.

oli mueller wrote:

In this case can throws a IlegalStateException , but your have secure that in front end handle exception in your catch block.
Yes this situation is almost imposible, but a IlegalStateException represent also a ilegal state, also is a cheked exception because not is needed add this how a trhows cluse in your interface. But is bad becuase is a "hidden" exception if you not know well about exceptions handling.

Roel , how is this that from 1st August is mandatory a course for take the OCMJD?!

oli mueller wrote:Hello,

(5) I enter the voucher number and the price goes down to 0$

Then I cancelled, because:....I am afraid that I was just about to "buy" another UrlyBird Assignment, but I just want to upload the stupid thing...

==> Was I on the right track??? Does anybody of you have successfully uploaded the assignment??....Can anybody provide a step-by-step list of what has to be done???...I am usually not so stupid, but all this chaos with Oracle makes me paranoid...

Yes, when use the voucher code the buy is for U$S 0, so only is needed accept this.

When you are complete this action (1Z0-844: Java Standard Edition 6 Developer Certified Master Assignment (T1)
English) so now you can go to your profile in Pearson Vue and select 1Z0-856: Java Standard Edition 6 Developer Certified Master Essay Exam (Step 2 of 2) (English) , where is required make a payment for U$S125 and when this is complete, you can upload your assignment .

Realy I dont remeber, but when you complete all steps for 1Z0 844 or 1Z0 856 you can upload your assignment, but the important is who this is the needed test to upload your assignmen and take the essay. The rest is follow the steps that says Pearson Vue
This is all!, do not have afraid, the world not is for people afraids!

I hope will be util this info

Hi, in first time, before 1st june, I have sent my assignment to, later the response was that I had complete my assignment , so can take my essay Exam, .... later appears the problem for obtain my essay exam in Pearson Vue because I want register via Prometric, when get 1st june, try register via Pearson vue, but i Cant for this reazon Oracle send me a Vocher for take the Essay exam.

From Oracle when send my submission.jar the response was, you have complete the assignment.

Now, that I can take my essay exam, means that I have complete my assignment correctly?, or when take my essay can be needed a re-assignment?