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Recent posts by Ashley Pratt

Thanks Adrian I am also here thinking about learning some new language.
The most stinking thing is nobody here had work but everybody is trying to look busy. Oh like they are doing something very urgent.

Madhup can not leave right now. so that will be just futile excercise.

I am just thinking to put my time into something more meaningful or somehow do not get more frustrated.

David, The naming policy just skipped out of my mind. sorry mate.
15 years ago
Hi Friends,
Got to ask u guys something. right now I am working on a contract in a big company.
But currently there is no work. I am full day sitting idle. Waiting something will come. Besides me there are 5-6 more programmers and nobody has any work so I am mot the only one. The person whom I report here, he also knows that there is no work right now. What do I do?
I feel if this situation remains for some more time I am going to be out of industry. I am a kind of guy who likes to learn on work. I am not a sort of guy who starts tinkering into new techs or start learing something new for the sake of it(I means technical). There is no motivation for that.
Do not know what to do. It is too much time to kill. arent we programmers have to learn new things in free time. But I feel it is too much free time. Why this company is paying me for not doing any work. And they are paying good also.
Many of u will be happy to be in a situation like this . But believe me guys, less work is good, but no work is real bad.
I just do not want to leave this job right now. Previously work was good here but nowadays everything is just so dull.
Aha no messenger's also here. firewalls. So no easy timepass options.
Any advice what to do. instead of just killing time.
15 years ago
the best book..
The Ultimate HitchHikers Guide to Galaxy BY Douglas Adams...
great stuff..cant get it out of my mind..
17 years ago
well you can have pretty good life if you want to work as a mid programmer in India..
u can have once or twice nightouts in a Week..can have fun in nightclubs or have some fun with buddies n a pub..
if you like to get involved in some kind of can choose from a big lot..
but wont able to find ice hockey or baseball..
India is a big country , if you are travel freak, plenty of places to look for.
if likes reading or watching TV/movies, there is no shortage, you can have novels/CDs(all English) very cheap and with a huge variety..
Wont be facing any problem in conversation to local people as maximum people can speak English.
Plenty of food, cheap.
India is a safe country, what you may be hearing from outside, the reality is not at all like that, ya we do we have some troubled region in Kashmir, but in rest of India, you wont find any problem.
And we any of American/European is going to work in India, the guy is not going to work on local pay, he/she will get expat's package, then the person can have a lifestyle which can get in his/her own country.
[ November 21, 2002: Message edited by: Ash Chopra ]
17 years ago
Ha Ha Thomas, thx for enlighting me to not to fell into those spooky ideas.
18 years ago
Usually in spam mail they provide a link to unsubscribe from the list, where either you need to reply the mail with the subject Remove or they will transfer to their site where they ask you to specify your email address and then they flash a msg that you will be removed from the list in 24or 48 hrs something like this.
How much fair deal is this, do they really unsubscribe you from the list or you are felling under their trap by giving them your email address.
Thanks for any comments
18 years ago
Hi All,
I am trying to get thru the proxy server which requires authentication.
Here is my code but I am getting hangs in between.
Can anyone helps me out:
HttpConnection c = (HttpConnection);
String password = "username : password";
base=new Base64Encoder();
String encodedPassword = base.encode(password);
c.setRequestProperty( "Proxy-Authorization", "Basic" +encodedPassword );
c.setRequestProperty("User-Agent", "Profile/MIDP-1.0 Confirguration/CLDC-1.0");
c.setRequestProperty("Content-Language", "en-CA");
is = c.openDataInputStream(); //It hangs here throws IOException
len = c.getLength();
if( len != -1)
// Read exactly Content-Length bytes
for(int i =0 ; i < len ; i++ )
if((ch = != -1)
b.append((char) ch);
//Read until the connection is closed.
while ((ch = != -1)
len = is.available() ;
Can anyone help..
any help will be great..
[ July 24, 2002: Message edited by: Ashley Love ]
18 years ago
Sorry Micheal, I mean to type MIDP but by mistake I typed PDAP , I think i am reading too much stuff about these things thats why..
Coming back to problem:
Can any body guide me for the accessing proxy server thru authentication in MIDP..
any link, source code..or any kind of help..
18 years ago
Hi all,
we have to access the proxy server and provide the user name and password.
We are using palm m515 for that.
And we are accessing the internet thru wireless lan module.
need any help to access proxy server with user name and password on PDAP.
18 years ago
Thanks any way...
My problem got solved.
Hi All,
I am trying to work with IBM websphere development studio.
When i try to make a new J2ME project in it, it is not showing me any Class Libraries in the Library selection area.
I check at windows->preferences->java->classpath variables. There I have defined classpath variables as:
IVEHOME - D:/Jbuilder/ive (I tried to change this to C:\IBM\wsdd\wsdd4.0\ive, but when I start the IDE again the changes not get reflected)
What is the problem here?
Hi all,
if any body can give me some information about this development IDE.
As this is following the J9, and compatible for both palm and pocket PC.
Any online help or reviews will be also useful.
I dont like the help given by the tool very usefull.
P.S: I have posted this topic here instead of IDE forum as here i can get better responses.
I am working in j2me on palm OS, we wanmt to connect to the internet through proxy server via PDA, we are using xircom pwe 1130 for this.
On the pocket PC ipaq, when i specify the proxy settings it asks me for user name and password.
But in the case of palm m515 when i enter the proxy setting but there is not screen comes for user name and password.
How to get that screen?
or where do i have to specify user name and password.
Is there is any software/patch is available for that.
Or i am going wrong somewhere
Any help is very much apreciated.
18 years ago
I totally agree with Marks's views.
Few more suggestions from my side.
->People who work on contract have to live upto high expectations of the companies.
->Contract people can see more world, as mostly they keep on reallocating.
->You get lot of holidays(in between contracts)
->contract peoples can be the first guys in the companies to get pink slip.
18 years ago
What about this!!!
18 years ago