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Mohamed El-Feky

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since Jan 14, 2011
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Just replied back ....
check PM
Guys ...,
2 weeks ago i failed the OCE-WS exam 1z0-897 Web Services Exam

A year ago i took the Oracle University Course .., It was very helpful to get familiar with Web Services
then as a preparation for the course i started to studt Mikalai study guide and the combined quizes
then i bought Enthuware preparation kit which really contained unrelevant question "too much code no theoretical questions"

any suggestions for moocs or question banks
as i really know webservices
but in the exams they were asking about best practices

really don't know what to study else

Thanks Guys ....I really Appreciate it
9 years ago
Search for a Book for Kathy seirra SCJP 6's very focused and useful
and after you finish it for Test kings or things like that
9 years ago
I already Finished Studying EJB 3 an OCP certification and a good knowledge in html and css &xml i'm heading directly to JSF 2 .....i see that no need to know alot about jsp and servlets ....may be HTML 5 in the near future
9 years ago
Same Question here asked again

any advices to the EE6 exam 310-093 ....Differences with OCP-BCD EE5 exam
and how to get trained
thanks man ......wish me Good luck
9 years ago
thanks man i appreciate it ...
9 years ago
Congratz Man ...I just Got it too but with 85%
9 years ago
Hello All ..
Just passed OCJP exam today with 85% thanks God

but still unable to login or register through the site ... to update my address or update my Name on the Certification

9 years ago
@Jeffrey Jedele
Same problem here ...i can't even register ..i tried many time
but nothing
then i sent an e-mail to and they said to reply in 5 working days
9 years ago
I know it's not free .but it is for Students
you can try Oracle JDeveloper's really helpful in such cases
it can also create ER diagram for your D.B