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Thanks for the feedback Darren and the advice. I will take on board your valuable comments. I need to get organised.

Darren Littlepage wrote:My experience with the exam was familiar. I saw a lot of things coded in a way you would never see or think of in real life. Sometimes I just didn't know if what they coded would work or not. That's why I say to code a lot...especially after mock exams where you see things you didn't expect.

I felt like I was taking a Enthuware exam or the exam that came with the K&B book...confident on most questions...but unsure about some.

My advice is to go through the K&B book, code examples as you go through and after the tests at the end of the chapters. When you have been through the book a few times and coded, start taking mock exams. In my opinion Enthuware is great for the money and the questions were more like the test questions than some of the free ones.

I coded a lot. The only thing I would have done differently is to code more because I know my score would have been higher if I did. I got a 78%. I got 47 out of 60 correct. I didn't feel like I missed that many while taking the exam. I was only unsure of about five questions. Then again, I second guessed myself a lot and changed some answers that might have been right to begin with because the way they were coded or worded.

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. Much appreciated

Darren - I will be looking into the Enthuware mock exam software suggestion and the Crimson text Editor. Many congratulations on passing the exam yourself. I would be interested to here how you found the experience of taking the exam for real.

Sunny - I will be reviewing the SCJP6 Study guide chapter questions as you suggest. Thanks for that.

Michael - The SCJP6 Practice Exams is a great idea. It hadn't been released when I was studying last year.

James - blogging suggestion is good idea. I will certainly look into this one. Many Thanks.

Ninad - I think this is the key, lack of writing fundamental Java code. Thanks.
I took the SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 exam in Nov 2010 and failed, even after studying hard for 2 months before.

My training including:

Instructor-led - Fundamentals of the Java Programming Language (SL-110-SE6)
Web-based - Java Programming Language (WJB-275-SE6) – Started.
Exam prep -
Reading the SCJP Study guide by K&B.

It was very de-motivating to have studied hard and done no better than a mock I had taken 2 months earlier (32%).

I would like to pass the exam as my colleagues have and my employer is trying to help with some java-based pieces of work by way of practice. Working in a java orientated environment you would think that this would be a benefit, but the problem is that the java is wrapped up in various Frameworks, such as Spring and does not lend itself to someone trying to get to grips with the fundamentals.

I'm really after some advice on the best way forward now because I don't know what I'm doing wrong and if I'm to put the time and effort in I do so want to pass. What about study/training/methodologies/IDE or text-editor without becoming overwhelmed by the mass of resources available.

I was also thinking of re-doing the Java Programming Language (WJB-275-SE6) but in a classroom based senario and perhaps buying some study/mock-exam training software.

What do you think?