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Recent posts by vijay sachin

Hi All,

Using Hibernate I am Creating tables in HSQLDB and inserting records to the tables.

Using DatabaseManagerSwing I tried to see the table data but I can't find tables itself.

My hibernate_hsqldb.cfg.xml file configuration

In HSQL Database Manager Tool I am giving Following Information

Problem: When Login with above credentials I can't able to see any tables.
But Using Hibernate I can Insert data to tables, one more thing using Hibernate I am not able to
retrieve table data. Query size is coming zero.

If we configure with this URL jdbc:hsqldb:mem://localhost/
Where the tables will be created and how I access them.

12 years ago
Can Anybody please help me in this Topic
12 years ago
I want to run Jboss 5.1.0 in cluster mode in same and different server.
Can anybody please tell me the step need to follow in both the cases.

I gone though this link Link but I am unable to process any body please help me in this.

It would be great full if somebody tell me point wise.

Don't mind I am new to Jboss.

12 years ago
Hi Paul,

Thanks for the reply.

I am inserting record to the table from back end (Using SQLYOG Tool), by typing insert statement.
Not from java code....
Hi All,

I am facing problem with Hibernate, while fetching the records from table.

Let me explain the problem first and later I will post my code.
Problem: I have written code to fetch the total number of records exists in a table.
So first time when I execute the Class it was returning 4 entries in the table, i.e correct
Next I am Inserting one row to the Table from back end (means using SQLYog I am inserting one row to the Table).
When I execute the same class Now also its returning 4 entries. where it should have to return 5.

I am Not able to get the latest records from the table which I inserted manually to the table.



Please Help me in this Issue......
Hi Tim,

In Hibernate.cfg.xml file I already added this property

But in log its not coming as SQL query..

HBM File

Please help me in this...

Hi All

I need to convert HQL to SQl Query is there any why I can do it.

I want to convert the above HQL Query to SQL query, Please help me how can I do it.

I have one more doubt in MDB pool.

In my present code, there is MDB constructor which will create KnowledgeBase Object (Noting but reading drools xsl file) Which takes
some 10 to 15 Sec time, which is expensive.

As per my observation JBOSS is calling that constructor when ever message come.

But the purpose of writing that constructor is, before any message comes to the queue JBOSS should have to Invoke the constructor it should not be like message comes
invoke the constructor.

Is there any way to create the pool of MDB Objects when Jboss comes UP? (i.e Constructor Should be called before)

Please help me if some body knows......
13 years ago
@Peter Johnson: Thank you very much for the reply

I need to check what is this AtomicInteger, first time I heard about this.
may be I will also try to track MDB's using this AtomicInteger....
13 years ago
Hi All,

I had written some code to configure the Size of the MDB.

I have some Question regarding to above code

1) Can any body please explain when MDB's are created(i.e creating MDB pool), I mean MDB's are created while Jboss is coming up (or) When any new Message comes to Queue?
2) Where can I check how many MDB's are Created in Jboss. (admin-console or jmx-console) ?
3) According to the Above code I specfied the maxSize=50 where can I check how many MDB's are used and how many MBD's are free?

Please help me in this....

13 years ago
Hi All,

I have a doubt on string Comparison, let me explain

HashCode is same for all the above three objects

My Doubts are

1) What is Hashcode? (I searched in internet I found: Hashcode is a unique Id given to the Object
If it is unique then in the above all the three objects as same Hashcode how is possible?
2) Can some body explain how JVM will create Hashcode for object?
3) If I do (s2 ==s3) it will give as NOT EQUAL. but if I do (s2 == s1) it will give Both are Same.
What is the reason behind this?
4) What is String Constant pool in java? (All the String Object will be stored here ?)

13 years ago
I did not understand why DB came into picture in MDB.

As per my knowledge I am thing MDB is used to listen to queue which we configured in xml file.
and when sender sends message to JbossMQ then MDB onMessage() will listen to that and performs some logic.
This is want I understand Is it correct?

13 years ago
Hi Peter,

Don't thing wrongly. I got your answer and I implemented the same in my code.

I just need to know in jboss can we create Thread pool if yes how can we do that.
Its not at all related to my old requirement I just want to know.
Like Connection pool, MDB pool is it possible to create Thread pool.

13 years ago
But the above link shows how to creates MDB pool.
But I need to know how can we creat normal Thread pool in jboss

While googling I got to see this one link

But below they had not specified which xml file I need to change. And also I need to know how can I use this Java code

Configuration of a BasicThreadPool
The basic thread pool provides a simple thread pooling service
Example Configuration
13 years ago

I am new to JBOSS 5.1.0 can any body tell me how to configure thread pool in JBOSS. Which config files need to be modified. I don't have any idea.

I gone through so many links, but cannot find any good materials. Please explains me if any body knows.

It would be great if any Sample code provided.

This link show how to configure thread pool in jboss :

But they have not given which xml file I need to add and in java code how can I use it?

Configuration of a BasicThreadPool
The basic thread pool provides a simple thread pooling service
Example Configuration

13 years ago