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Recent posts by Manoj Krishnan

I started using appinventor today after I got bored of writing code in Eclipse. I wanna know if there's any way of writing custom code to handle events using appinventor? For example, if I want to carry out some image processing on a selected image when a button is clicked ( which ofcourse requires custom code and probably the use of 3rd party APIs ), is there any way in which this can be done?
12 years ago
Hi Carl,
Thanks a lot for the detailed reply! The process seems a bit complicated. Nevertheless, I shall check out the links soon and get back to you on this. It's weird that Java doesn't have provisions for such simple stuff though. :| .

Thanks and cheers
12 years ago
I have checked the Sound API. Though the name suggests it, I don't think it can get sound card audio. After googling aroudn a bit, I found out that getting sound card audio using java isn't easy. People have tried using Sound API before to do this but none has succeeded. So I guess Sound API is also not possible. Though it allows microphone recording and audio manipulation, it doesn't seem to be able to get the sound card output! I just want to stream the sound card data from my PC to another device. Is there any other way to access it?
13 years ago
Hi Darryl,
I've used JMF for other purposes before and I've not been able to access the sound card output using that. Even for handling basic media, JMF hasn't been a good solution. I've had to resort to other APIs. So I don't think JMF is going to help here. Nevertheless, I've tried it and it doesn't seem to have any such functionality. Any idea if there are any other Java based APIs that might help?
13 years ago
I'm trying to route the audio coming from my sound card over the local wi-fi network to another device. I'm effectively trying to stream my sound card output over wi-fi. In order to do this, I need a java API that can get the audio coming from the sound card. Though Java Sound is a popular API it doesn't seem to have a functionality to achieve this.
Any suggestions as to what other API I can use to get this done?
I am most comfortable in java and I don't wanna use any other languages to do this. That's why I've been searching high and low for a Java based API.

Are there any MAX/MSP experts out there? I've used Max/MSP before and I wanted to know if it is possible to access sound card audio using max/MSP.

13 years ago
I tried quite a few things, but in vain. I finally created an ad-hoc network and made the other system connect to my ad-hoc network. I then switched off my anti-virus and my firewall. Then, it worked. My problem is I need to implement this on my university's local intranet. Any system on the network should be able to access the web service. Any idea how I can go about doing that?
@Kevan: When i direct my browser to my local IP address, it's working fine. But when I do the same from another system, it doesn't work out.

I need the service to work for all users connected to a particular network. As of now, it works on my local ad-hoc network. Could you tell me how I can extend it to work on a local network ?

Thanks to all of you for your time and help. .
13 years ago
Thanks for the replies!
My server machine is a Win7 machine. I tried doing port forwarding on my router to automatically route all port 80 requests to my server machine. But that did not work.
I also disabled the firewall on my server and tried. Still did not work. I shall try disabling all the antivirus software on my server.

WHat I want to know is this. If I have a geronimo server running on localhost on my server, is it practically possible to access this web service ( which is running on localhost ) from another system on the network, without making any other changes?

My core web service involves some java code. I exported this core package to a jar file and created a wsdl file from this jar file using wsgen. I then placed the generated wsdl and xsd files in the project's web-inf folder. After that, I created a jsp file in which I accessed the service. Now, this jsp file is running on localhost as the frontend of my service. Now, having this jsp file running on localhost accessing the web service locally, is it possible for me to call this jsp file from another machine on the network and invoke the service? Is this possible?

I am a total newbie to this and I have absolutely no idea what I am doing wrong. Please help me out.
Thanks in advance!
13 years ago

I have developed a web service using Eclipse Java EE+apache geronimo server. I am able to deploy the web service locally on my Windows 7 laptop and I can access the service perfectly on localhost. However, I want to make the service available to another system ( a PC ) on my network. I am able to ping my laptop from my PC. But, when I try entering the URL at which the service is running, I am not able to access it.

In my laptop, I enter this URL to access the service: http://localhost:8080/jaxws-compressor-1.0/index.jsp
from my PC I enter this :

but I am not able to access it. My IP address is correct. There seems to be some other problem here. How do I make a web service available over a WLAN ? Any and all help is appreciated!

I am a newbie to web service development and it would be awesome if anyone out here could help me out with this.
13 years ago