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Recent posts by Rahul Sudip Bose

Jon Avadis wrote:Hes wants to use it "read-only" on those machines he consideres unsafe.

12 years ago
Thanks ! I needed it for my app here
12 years ago
My pen-drive has no write-protect switch like the good old floppies. I wanted to make it protected so that those worms and viruses dont infect it when i put it in other computers.
So, to make it write-protected, i made a java program that generates a dummy file. We can see the empty space of the pen drive and create a dummy of that size and put it in the pen drive.

Minor problem with code - You fill the drive with a dummy file. Even after doing that there is some small space left in the drive. I have to run the code again and make a dummy of that size. Then, the pen drive is completely filled.

Can anyone add these features for me ?

(1) Detect pen-drive empty space and generate a file of the exact size in one attempt.
(2) make it GUI based.

Anything else you can think of (issues, suggestions etc) ?

Here is the code, it is console based :

12 years ago

Rob Spoor wrote:You don't need to actually write anything, using RandomAccessFile:
I can use this to create an 8GB file within a second. The file will use 0 to fill the file.

Thanks ! I tried that and it works well.
12 years ago

Bert Bates wrote:We might do a small update for Java 7, but we probably won't do much until Java 8.

If you can think of a meaningful (i.e. non-trivial) topic in Java 7, let me know

When you make the new edition, please add some small coding problems or toy app questions after every chapter to test and practice the concepts learned.
Thanks again for making such a nice book ! If we did not have people like you, learning would be a torture.
12 years ago
To conserve water.
12 years ago

Jesper de Jong wrote:What data should the file contain, or does it not matter?

Random characters. Does the code change according to the data that this file may contain ? Please give examples.
12 years ago
Please suggest some ways to make java code which generates a file of size entered by the user. The range can be from a few bytes (bits also possible ???) to many megabytes.
12 years ago

Divyya Joshi wrote:Preparing for OCPJP since a month and still scoring 31% in Mock tests.

Dont worry. Sometimes, it takes more than a month. I took about 3 months to prepare. Some guys take 2 weeks and some take much more. Practice a lot of sample tests,
try the questions in the book - ocp programmer exams (kathy and bert) , write a LOT of code.

Good luck.

Bear Bibeault wrote:Please actually read what I wrote. I said that you need familiarity with the Unix command line. Any flavor of Unix, including Linux and even OS X, will give you that.

(1)Can you suggest some beginner level books for Linux ?

(2)Which flavour of linux would be best for a beginner (i have ubuntu, but i rarely use it) ?

(3)Can i experience unix-like interface on ubuntu linux (which is GUI based) -> the black screens and only typing commands ?

12 years ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:Linux because it is free and you can install it on your machine. The commands are similar across UNIX/Linux implementations so unless you are planning to become a UNIX admin, it doesn't matter which you choose.

I was suggested unix here

Bear Bibeault wrote:Installing cygwin on a Windows machine can help give you a flavor of the Unix command line.

Without knowledge of development using the Unix command line, you put yourself well behind the eight ball when it comes to job prospects.

Which one of the two OS would be better in terms of :
(1) Quantity and quality of learning resources available.
(2) Need in industry
12 years ago
Which one should i learn ?
Please suggest some good beginner level books for unix and linux.

12 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:you put yourself well behind the eight ball when it comes to job prospects.

What does that mean ? and why is the knowledge of unix so critical to success ?
12 years ago

Paul Clapham wrote:DVDInfo's implementation of compareTo() calls String's implementation of compareTo(). There's nothing recursive about that.

To add to that, see this link.
All Interfaces Implemented by String :
Serializable, CharSequence, Comparable<String>
Deviating from the main topic -

It looks like the "government" is simply buying time, hoping that anna will fall ill and protesters will get tired and go back home. I am only hoping that this will not happen. Most of the people have jobs to do, families to take care of etc. I wonder if people can keep the pressure high enough for as long as it takes.

Corrupt people tend to respond only to force like the one we see in other parts of the world.

12 years ago