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Piotr Gorajski

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Recent posts by Piotr Gorajski

Ok. By turning on trace, you mean debug? If yes then where should I place break points? And How can i check what is being actually deployed to the tomcat server? Honestly I've never done it.. And I've got a hunch, this is my deploying fault.
When I deploy my app for the first time, I rgiht click on project, New -> Server, and than add Tomcat. After this, I open added tomcat configuration and in Modules tab -> Add External Web Module, and from browse i set path to my app's target folder. Is it correct? Should I do this in another way? After this i start server in debug mode. The rest you already know..

EDIT: Ok, I've just figured it out Just like i thought, i deployed to tomcat the whole target folder instead of the one correct subfolder of it, with the name of my project Now it seems to work properly. Thanks very much for pointing these thigs.
9 years ago
Thanks for pointing me these mistakes. After correction, my web.xml looks now like this:

Unfortunately, my problem still exists the same way it did before. Any further advices?
It seems like struts dispatcher is ommited.. I don't know why :/
9 years ago
Hi, I'm trying to build web application using Struts2 (, Maven2 in Eclipse (Helios). I was trying to do it according to official tutorial:
However for making maven app skeleton I used plugin from: and created Maven Project.
In the result when I try to enter: http://localhost:8080/test_app/index.action, I'm getting HTTP Status 404 - /test_app/index.action.
Moreover, there are completly no logs apart from server starting in console :/ Not any struts logs :/

Below is my source code:





Folder structure of project:

I'm running it on Tomcat 7.0
Please help, what am I doing wrong? I'm quite deseperate..

9 years ago