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Recent posts by Shaikh Ali

I believe search.list() only returns the contents of newDir only, not its subfolders. You can write an elegant recursive function to achieve what you want
I don't see why not. Oracle have already recorded your results in their database, and you are now eligible to appear in their more advance tests.
The exam price is the same I believe $300+Tax here in Canada for instance.

You can only take the exam at Pearson Vue as of June 1st and the exam code is:

1Z0-851: Java Standard Edition 6 Programmer Certified Professional Exam
You should assume yes and prepare accordingly. There hasn't been any information to indicate otherwise.
ArrayList doesn't implement the Queue interface.
The t2 reference refers to a new String object on the heap. Remember whenever you do a new Something(), the JVM will put a new Object on the heap. t1 and t3 on the other hand, are just references pointing towards the String object in the String-pool of JVM. You can test the remaining comparison in your code i.e. t1==t3 which willl surely resolve to true.
I can't say anything about the exam structure, but some people have reported the duration of the exam has been reduced to 150 minutes (2.5 hours).
Ayush, the best two sources for mock exams are online: Exam Lab (free) and Enthuware (commercial).
I think you are right. Look here.
Reading two references is better than reading just one. So go ahead and read HF Java first, then move on to K&B. HF Java is quite a useful book which goes at an easy pace, and gives you a slightly different and fun take on Java. Well worth reading in my opinion.
The only advice I can give you is to contact the Prometric Centre where you took your exam.
You might want to create an account on Sun's Certification Database using the information on your score sheet. They should have your official exam report.
On Pearson VUE website, My Account page, the exam code is listed as:

Exam: 1Z0-851: Java Standard Edition 6 Programmer Certified Professional Exam
This question has been asked and discussed many times. Please see this link for one such discussion.
Please refer to this link for an explanation.