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since Dec 15, 2001
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Recent posts by Sathya Prakasham

There seems to be some problem with the latest sun's pluggin for browser which comes with
Many of the events like ActionEvents and FocusEvent are not getting properly triggered in the applet. If I chose Microsoft VM in the browser everything seems to be working fine , the problem appers only with Sun's VM selected as default in the browser.
Appreciate if anybody suggests any solution or details if they have already faced this scenario.
21 years ago
Please help me with some of issues stated below,
Is weblogic server is designed to support long lived (nailed-up) HTTP
connections ?
We know that the Execute thread count recommended for most of applications
is 15 .. But I have a very different requirement where in I want to use
nailed-up connections from a client outside firewall on to weblogic server.
These nailed-up connections are used to notify events happening on server
back to client and they remain nailed-up as long as client is alive. This
is required for realtime event notification from server to client accross
If I increase the thread count of weblogic server to serve 50 clients, then
serverside resource are going
to be shot high because 75 (50 nailed-up + 15 for application requests)
threads , the normal application requests (short-lived) should use the 15
threads and 50 nailed-up threads are for event notification.
Is it recommended to have different server for nailed-up connections Or is
it okay if I use single server.
What is the benchmark on number of nailed-up connections(Execute Thread
count ) on server ?
what if the number of clients increase say maximum up to 200? Is it a
feasible solution with weblogic server ?
Is it advisable to have this kind of nailed-up connections on weblogic ?
appreciate your help ..
22 years ago
Hi All,
I am trying to implement a pushlet model using servlet and I am faced with many technical difficulties to have a scalable
reliable pushlet mechanism which will do event notification to my client Applet.
My questions,
1) My Pushlet design needs a active/persistent HTTP connection through which we can have a callback
mechanism. HTTP1.1 has accomodated persistent connections , but is there any default time-out period after which the
server (weblogic6.1) drops the HTTP connection in case of client being idle for sometime ??
2)If there is timeout option should I do a ping on to server in regular intervals so as to keep the HTTP connection alive with the server. I dont want to do polling , so is there any way I can know the default HTTP time-out option of the server so
that I can do a ping within that interval to keep Connection alive.
3) I cannot use plain persistent Sockets (TCP/IP) because of firewall between client and server ,
Is there anyway I can keep my HTTP-Connection alive with server avoiding the default HTTP-Timeout taking into consideration that
webserver supports HTTP1.1
Any information on these will be of great help and will be appreciated..