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Recent posts by Rameshwar Soni

Winston Gutkowski wrote:
You know what? You need Henry Wong (one of the posters on here), because he's produced a great distillation of exactly this subject, filtered from the JLS. If I find a link to his answer, I'll post it here.

It's here
10 years ago
I don't think whether putting the main() at the top or bottom of the class has any effect, the way you said. I think its all about readability and what you feel comfortable with, so its a personal preference (I think).

10 years ago

mikali singh wrote:

but i want a book which make my basic concept clear............

The Definitive C Book Guide
10 years ago
There's one even in the MD section tabs vs spaces
10 years ago
Bryce, Welcome to Ranch

You have imported the packages incorrectly. It should have been

As you can see the * which means you are importing all the classes from the awt and event package.

If you need to import only a single class from a package then it would be written like this

Here only the Frame class would be imported from awt package
10 years ago
Sorry Sachin I haven't faced any such problems with JMStudio wherein a file which was getting played previously is not getting played after some time. All I can say is try re-installing JMF or WHY NOT start writing code for the file which was getting played previously ?
10 years ago

Sachin TrojanGupta wrote:I am having problems playing the wav files also. It was working earlier but its not working now.

Do you mean to say that a file which was playing earlier that same file is not playing now ? I am not sure about such case. Trying de-allocating and closing the player in your code

10 years ago
JMF is quite old and therefore it doesn't support all file formats and even if it supports a particular file format then too there are other problems like say sound codec compatibility problem etc...

For example I tried playing 3 to 4 .mp3 files through JMStudio and only 1 was getting played even though all had the same file formats.

Or best go for some other library similar to JMF. I don't know which one you should go for since in my case I had the restriction that I have to use only JMF.
10 years ago
Hello Dan !!!

Can you post what you have tried?
10 years ago

Jim Branley wrote:I wish that I could get rid or the brackets [] that surround the list but other than that I couldn't be happier.

In that case a replace() method might be useful where you are replacing the left "[" and right "]" brackets with "" i.e.

10 years ago

Jim Branley wrote: Right now it is not printing a string per se but one element at a time because of the recursive nature of the method inorder();

I will have to print 5 numbers if btree has 5 nodes, etc.. etc..


I haven't really understood what you are trying to say here. But if I guess I think you want the output to be displayed in String format, if yes then Stuart A. Burkett has already answered in that case

Have a look at the Arrays.toString() method, which returns all the elements of the array, comma separated and enclosed in [].
If that's not the format you want then you need to use a loop to add the values to a StringBuilder in the format you want and then just call the StringBuilder's toString method.

10 years ago

Jim Branley wrote:.............it does not appear to be offered for arrayLists.

ArrayList also has the toString() method.

10 years ago
Welcome to Ranch Kevin !!!

I think its too much of code you have posted. Try to post an SSCCE (<-- click)
10 years ago