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Mandan Happy

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Recent posts by Mandan Happy

4+ Years experience in Weblogic/Websphere admnistration .
POst your resumes to with subject "WEB-ADMIN"
20 years ago
5 Years Experience in Java
Domain expertise in Network Management Systems .
Please post your resumes to with subject "NMS"
20 years ago
Experience : 3+ Years
Skills : Core Java, Swing
Location : Chennai ,India
Company : One among the Top Five Software
services company in India.
post to
20 years ago
What difference would Thread.getContextClassLoader().loadClass() would make ? howz it different from Class.forName() ?
21 years ago
If I have a Class.forName() is that considered to be thread unsafe as its behaviour is unpredictable?
Should I use Thread.getContextClassLoader.loadClass to load the class instead ?
21 years ago
Thanks for your mails.
Lemme get the book first and then I 'll post more !!
TCP Adaptor?
Sure a lot of them...
some are related to books and some general stuff..
(1) There are a few books on jmx and they typically start explaining whatz an MBean and then move on to Agent and then describe a couple of Adaptors. howz this book different ?
(2) Any real life scenario explained ?
Say Managing a distributed Java system with multiple JMX agents with master-sub agent architecture..
if not can you include these features too in the next edition...
(3) I have read a couple of books and they seem to describe just the JMX api...but Ideally I would like to read one that gives a firm foundation...starting with SNMP,WBEM,CMIP,DMI and then moving on to JMX ...and then describing an SNMP Adaptor,WBEM adaptor......Master-Sub agent Architecture....JMX Agent deployment....
( perhaps I have an expectation creep :-) )
use case one :
I need some performance statistics from Oracle...I can use SNMP to get them....why would I go for JMX...or is JMX suited for that....
use case 2 :
I need some OS info from Solaris,Linux,NT....
do I use WBEM or SNMP or JMX+JNI for that....
use case 3 :
I want to expose business logic to a management console..Most management consoles prefers SNMP ..Y should I go for JMX
(4) Does JMX enables Service Level Management of a
a distributed J2ee application infrastructure ?
(5) any prodcuts on JMX explained such as AdventNets Manage Engine, Suns JAMIE ?
Is JMX Yet Another API ? Is there a real need for JMX.....does one need a lot of Bean types ..and add more Jargons to an already congested technical vocabulary ?
(7)Big Question :
Is JMX borrowed from Corba Services...Query Service,Timers,relations all seems to be borrowed from CORBA services .
MBean as jini that what sun calls as Spontaneous Management ?
(9 ) Anybody here from OASIS ..whats happening to web services management protocol..can I use JMX to manage webs services.. ?
(10) Is JMX limited to AppServer management and J2ee application management ?
Could you begin by describing the life cycle of an MBean and how it interferes with the Life Cycle of an EJB if I were to have an MBean exposing the performance statistic of an EJB .
If you can give the pros and cons of using JMX when compared to using SNMP,WBEM,CMIP that will be great !!
Howz our book different from the plethora of books on j2ee,ejb and servlets ?
whatz the gap that this book aims to fill ?
would you chose to use Software from the same vendor itself say ..Say
Websphere Application Server +
MQSeries +
or Chose different software from different vendors
Weblogic +
Webgain +
MQSeries +
I know that there are a lot of variables .
Whatz your experience ? and If you were given the choice wherein the budget isnt a problem(hypothetical)which one would you chose ?
Hi Rahul,
Thats where I want to know more.
Why do you think that the existing container infrastructure and components are sufficient ?
I dont want to go by the spec since I believe that JSR 109 was done at rocket speed to get Web services incorporated in J2EE1.4 .
So is the case with the JAX-RPC final spec.(You see that it doesnt even provide serializers/deserializers for Collections.)
Dear Up_toDate Java Sapiens,
J2ee1.4 specification will come with web service support.
Will there be a "Web Service Container" apart from web and ejb container ? Or will that leverage the existing containers?
Will there be an altogether different component or Servlets and EJBs be used as a web service componenet?
Java Gladiators and EAI evangelists,
Jus wondering how far J2EE is used for EAI .
Isnt EAI primarily done using products such as TIBCO,vitria,MQSeries /
21 years ago
if you want to get certified on a particular product it makes sense to see if that product is doing good .
if u want to learn the concepts I would advice to use JBOSS.
weblgoic 7.0 suport for webservice is not a complete one as JAX-RPC was not in its final release when weblogic7.0 was released.
But indeed they have done a good job on webservices support .
bea is the market leader /
webpshere I believe has released 5.0 beta .
Rational XDE+WSAD+Websphere+MQSeries stands out to be a good team in developing enterprise applications .
J2ee 1.4 spec will have web services support and hence any appserver that needs to be comliant with it would need to support that .
with respect to providing implementations BEA is well ahead .