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Recent posts by sweety kamal

please post the solution I am stuck with .lck
12 years ago
Right click on project ->select webservices regenertae client and server again and it will automatically generate the rest of the thing
13 years ago
I am using eclipse to create Web Service server server and client.
How I go over doing it is create a Java class right click on it and create a web service and client using Axis2.

In my Java class I create a function which returns ArrayList/ Primitive data it works fine .

Question1: If I return resultset in the fuction it gives me error so is it not possible to pass resultset as a return type.

Question2: * The client in it's response return Soap with tags I want to edit the tag:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">
- <soapenv:Body>
- <ns:resResponse xmlns:ns="http://sdsdd">

How it Says<ns:return> instead of that I want it to be like<id> where shall I make the changes .
13 years ago

public String getMessage(){
SOAPMessage message = messageFactory.createMessage();(line1)
............................some more code.....

//Save the message
message.saveChanges();(line 2)

message.writeTo(System.out);(line 3)

return String;}(line 4)

It prints the soap message to the console from line 3. I want the whole soap message as String as my function should return a String on line 4 which should be the whole soap message.
13 years ago