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Recent posts by Rituparna Duttagupta

hello friends,
I wanted to know whether it will be beneficial to me clear SCJP6 at this juncture of life?
I am working for the last 7 yrs(first 3 yrs as an office assistant in an IT firm and the last 4 yrs till today i am into java Faculty again in another IT firm) and also that i am in my 30s.
I have the programming concepts quite clear and have handled different J2ee (jsp, servlet, ejb2.x) projects in the due course during my Faculty tenureship.
Now, since i am into the teaching line it's being difficult for me to get a lucrative job, and also that i am a simple Science graduate with a 3yrs of Computer diploma in network comnputing and Programming.
So, i want to know whether it will be wise for me to take the SCJP6 and to what extent it's will help me to get a better job other than Faculty one?
Please give an honest advice to my dilemma.
sorry, bt it's not getting very clear to me? can you please explain?
hi friends, this is me again.
i was developing a e-tutorial site, and tried to handle the database through the jtds driver for sql.
i've created a regn page, which passes on the values of the form to a servlet which calls a sessionbean, which handles the database.
to connect to database(YGExam) of the sql server(ERT-PC) having username(sa) and password(123), i've written the following code-
Connection con=DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://ERT-PC:1433/YGExam; instance=SQLEXPRESS","sa","123");
then used PreparedStatement toinsert the values to the db table.
on completion of which the servlet must passes the control by getRequestDispatcher() method to another jsp page.
bt nothing's showing, no error, no jsp page nothing.not even the data gets inserted intothe db table.
can someone please help? is it that it's a connection problem?bt then why it's not showing any error?
hi, Neel. i'd like you to follow the sun/oracle documentation on jdbc.
it describes everything you'llneed. it also describes all the methods required.
follow it.
yes i had told him that i am new to this, infact our company is using this framework for the 1st time. what my boss has to is that "you've to be in the learning process, and be willing to learn new technologies as n when required." :-)
so that's it and...
thanks again. :-)
Hello every one,
I am new to Hibernate & JPA, and also i've worked on EJB2.x, where we'd called the session beans/entitybeans through 'lookup' statements in servlet. now i want to know how can i call an EJB3 entity from a servlet, i've tried a lot created the entity class that handles a particular database table, but does not know the way to access the table from inside my application.
I have a StudentRegnDetails table in SQL2008 database, and want to register a student, means insert the student details into that table from ,say a servlet/jsp, how can i do that?
i have created an Entity class for that table and also configured the Hibernate framework. I am using the Netbeans7.0 IDE.
Please please someone help me by describibg the steps/codes, or by providing any step by step guide to the above process.
Otherwise i'll be in a great(my boss's going to kill me (honest)) problem.
thanks foryour information, but no, i don't make spelling alteration while coding.
and i've checked everything, even after including the main method the applet is not showing.
actually, the last 3 years i was into jsp, servlet,session, stateful and entity beans.
i think i am terribly faulting somewhere, since i was detached from swing/applet forlong period of time.
9 years ago
hello friends, i'm facing a strange problem while ruuning a swing applet program. my program is compiling alright, but wenevr i mtrying to run it from command prompt, it's showing the following exception::

"Exception in thread"main" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: main"

even in netbeans ide it's showing the same thing?
where m i going wrong??
9 years ago
thanks for this information.
but from where can i get this file?
hello everyone,
I am having a connection problem in my web application. I was trying to connect to sql 2008 server using jtds driver and getting the following error:
java.sql.SQLException: I/O Error: SSO Failed: Native SSPI library not loaded. Check the java.library.path system property.

I've gone through the previous posts discussing the topic, which says that one should go for SQL server authentication instead of Windows authentication to connect to the server.
My question is-
why is it that we cant use the windows authentication? Is SQL server authentication the only way available?
Earlier, when i used the JdbcOdbcDriver, it was ok to use the Windows authentication, everything's worked alright.

Does it has anything to do with the driver used?
Hi friends,
why is it that wait(), notify(), notifyAll() methods have been declared in the Object class and not in the Thread class? Is it possible to call these methods on the main thread?

If we create a thread by a Runnable instance, then how could we access the methods of the Thread class?? can we import java.lang.Thread?
Thanks Arun,
Now it's clear to me.
OK. I've copied the jtds.jar into the C:/Program files/Java/jre1.6.0/lib/ext directory thus got it in the CLASSPATH. Now what's the next step??
hello everybody,
First of all i must say that i am new to entity classes as well as Hibernate concept.
I want to know that when we create a entity instance by calling the EntityManager.persist() method, then does the table itself get created with that instance as fields? Or the table must be present before creating an entity instance?
in netbeans when we create an entity class we need to give the persistence provider's name? Is it the IDE or the framework, or something else? what is it??
We have to specify the JNDI name--
in the sun tutorial they said that..

A JNDI name is a people-friendly name for an object. These names are bound to their objects by the naming and directory service that is provided by the J2EE server.

what is the JNDI name for the SQL server? is it jdbc\sql or what?