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Recent posts by Noni Singh

Thanks Ranchers!!!

Himai Minh wrote:Does Ivan / MZ 's notes cover enough security topics?

Will XML syntax/schema be asked in version 6 of the exam ? Ivan's notes chapter 1 covers a lot of XML syntax. Should I skip some of them like inheritance in XML?

Any chapter(s) I should skip in Java Web Services Up and Running?

Yes, Ivan & MZ has covered almost all of them, still I'd suggest to go thru wiki:
WS-Trust (STS)

Per my exam experience, you can completely skip XML schema/syntax because there wasn't a single Question. But there were couple of questions on JAXB & JAXP.

Abhay Agarwal wrote:From where did you read topic - "Best practices of Web services" ?

No, I don't remember reading any other material except those mentioned in my initial post.

a sarkar wrote:Congratulations. How many of binary payload (MTOM/SwaRef) and SAAJ client related questions did you get? Of course, you wouldn't remember the exact number of questions, I mean were there a lot or just a couple?

There were couple of questions on MTOM/swaRef & SAAJ

9 years ago
Passed OCEWSD6 w/ 93%. I've followed almost same reading materials as mentioned by other ranchers:
a) Java Web Services Up and Running
b) Ivan notes
c) MZ notes & Quiz
4) Security related topics on wiki and other materials on the internet
5) ePractize Labs - got few similar questions, but can skip all XML schema related questions.

Read below materials to get better knowledge but won't say required for the exam:
a) Restful Java with JAX-RS
b) JAX-WS 2.2 spec
c) JAX-RS spec - not in detail as when required

Got a question on WSIT configuration file which I missed . Make sure to go thru this.
9 years ago
If I'm getting you question correctly, just add @WebMethod annotation w/ exclude=true to the sub class method you want to hide. See below
Per JAX-WS 2.2 spec - "The WebServiceRef annotation is required to be honored when running on the Java EE 5 platform, where it is subject to the common resource
injection rules described by the platform specification [35]."

@WebServiceRef will work with JAX-WS managed clients: Servlet, EJB, or another Web service.

You client code looks like standalone java client and that's why the annotation is not working and service is null.

Which parameterStyle in @SOAPBinding annotation, WRAPPED (default) or BARE, you've on the SEI?
Is your request reaching the server? I mean, is the exception raised by client before sending request or server?

If reaching the server, could you check the SOAP request message which is getting generated. Per my understanding, it should have <helloWorld> instead of <hiWorld> as body part.

Can you try again, by generating client from same WSDL but w/o external binding as "no class definition exception" is for missing class.

Using external binding to change method name while generating client code will be reflected in generated SEI, but will retain the original method name in @WebMethod(operationName="") which will be on the method of generated SEI.

Invoking Web Service w/ altered method name (at client) shouldn't be a issue as @WebMethod(operationName="") value is used when generating SOAP message.

Changing operationName value on generated SEI will cause invocation failure, with exception similar as below: Method xyz is exposed as WebMethod, but there is no corresponding wsdl operation with name xyz


Does ePractize Lab was helpful?

I'm planning to take this exam soon and considering ePractize. Could you share your thoughts.

9 years ago
Congrats Firmansyah on a wonderful score!!!

QQ: did you take any MOCK exam(s)? If yes, which one. Will really appreciate your response.

Thanks in advance

9 years ago
Hi Sudharson,

Per your post you followed the discussions/information/instruction provided at this very ever dependent forum [CodeRanch!]. ".

Did you take any/all of the Mock exam(s) mentioned there. If yes, which one, and was it helpful.

Would appreciate your response.

Per my experience
a) basic understanding of different Beans (Stateless, Stateful, MDB)
b) Knowledge of transaction (TransactionAttributeType.*) is must. You will see couple of questions on transaction.
c) Exception handling: EJB Spec - 14.3 Container Provider Responsibilities. Make sure you thoroughly understand table 15 and 16.

See below points, pulled from Mikalai post:
6. Transaction attributes inheritance - single question, EJB 3.1, section
19. Know all TransactionAttributeType.* and what they mean
Today, passed 1Z0-898 (Java EE 6 Java Persistence API Developer Certified Expert Exam) with 94%

Tips & study sources mentioned by Mikalai Zaikin in this thread were helpful and would say, Enthuware's JPAD 6 is a must.
Thanks Ivan for your suggestion and wishes
I'm planning to appear for this exam next month, but before that want to go thru the Mock exam. Can anyone suggest which one is worth to buy
a) Epractize Labs,
b) ethuware (is half the price of epractize),
c) Other(s)

Any suggestion will be appreciated