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Well, I didn't studied from other book than Core JSF, that's why I was surprised to find questions I didn't knew nothing about, I just used reasoning and I got them right.
I didn't had any mock questions, that's why it was so difficult.
You really need to know what scope to use in what situations (request, session, view, conversation).
The syntax you need to know isn't very difficult, but you must do some practice, don't just read the book, in order to remember better.

Bottom line: the certification is relatively new, it would have been better to wait half a year or a year for some mock questions, and then life would have been easier.

I think you can read the official API for some tags and classes to get what is missing from Core JSF.
Today I've passed the exam with a score of 86%.
But I can say the exam was not easy at all comparing with other exams.
The exam is extremely big, there are way too many or big questions.
There are questions where all answers seem correct.
It's the first time I've used all the available time.
Tip: some questions are big, but the answer is about something easy and you can skip the big description.

Study more than Core JSF book, remember the syntax and have common sense.
If you find something, please let me know, I need some mock questions too. I scheduled my exam this December.
When did you scheduled your exam ?
I can't paste the text here because I somehow lose the format and is unreadable. Here's the link to my fresh blog:

The presentation requires some reformat and maybe some corrections, but this is what I remembered about the exam from one month ago, any suggestions are well received.
UCertify and EPractize Labs (700 questions). But in all questions there were lots of bullshit and errors. I checked on the internet things that I thought weren't right.
9 years ago
No JAXR no UDDI. You should understand what SAML, XKMS, XACML does. I also got information from tests, their explanations.
9 years ago
I took the hard way with wikipedia and google. It sucked.
9 years ago

Himai Minh wrote:Cosmin. Thanks for your quick response.
Java Web Service Up and Running does not cover all topics. So, what else reference books or web sites you read?

RESTful Java with Jax-RS, JAXB JAXP tutorials, Ivans Notes, ...
9 years ago
No wsdl 2.0
9 years ago
EJB it's easy. Because it's split, and it doesn't contain JPA, which is boring by the way (JPA).
From EJB certification you will know JNDI very good, injection of EJBs in EJBs, and so on.
9 years ago
I passed the exam today.
It was very easy comparing with the amount I studied.


Apply best practices to design and implement web services 9/9
Configure Message Level security for a SOAP web service 8/8
Configure, Secure, and Deploy JavaEE Web Services 8/8
Create a RESTful web service 4/5
Create a RESTful web service implemented by an EJB component 2/3
Create a SOAP based web service implemented by an EJB component 4/4
Create a SOAP web service 4/4
Create a web service client for a web service 4/4
Create low-level SOAP web services 4/4
Use MTOM and MIME in a SOAP web service 7/7
Use WS-Addressing with a SOAP web service 3/3
9 years ago
Well your answer was true. And the presence of the UDDI word in this question doesn't mean that UDDI is on the exam :P
9 years ago
I thought JAXR UDDI, SOAPConnection, soapEncoding, Jersey Client won't be on the exam.
9 years ago

Sujeeth Pakala wrote:Davide,

You had only 59 questions in the exam ? I believe exam contains 68 questions.

I hope you took version 6.

Duration: 90 minutes
Number of Questions: 60
Passing Score: 64%
9 years ago


I have the same experience like you too, I think it's the most confusing certification ever.

I have some questions. Do they test you for:

- WSDL 2.0
- SOAP encoding
- Jersey CLIENT / RestEasy Client / Javascript Client
- SOAP Connection

I'will take the exam tomorrow. Wish me luck. And I also want the next certification to be SOA from Oracle as I'm currently working on a project with Oracle SOA.

And a last question:

Was the exam hard ? Were you at a point thinking that you're not sure if you will pass as there were more than 20 questions you weren't sure about. Or everything was decent ?

Congratulations again.
9 years ago