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Recent posts by mark stone

just want to make sure that the download is "Oracle9i Release 2 (" ?
any book recommendations ?

Originally posted by Sunny Liu:
Dear Rancher
here is how did prepare for this Exam.
1.Join Oracle OTN and download free Oracle9i and install on my PIII box.
2. get SQL user guide or reference guide PDF file from OTN web site
3. try all of example queries on the guide with SQL*Plus, especially different kind of JOINs, Natural Join, Left, right, full joint, inner join and alternative equiliant subquery. but be careful Oracle elder join style by using + sign which is still working on 9i. if you are new to 9i, you may need to read more on 8i's documents
4. try most of built-in functions
5. know relationships about table View index etc.
6. Create some stored procedures, triger, table
7. create users, roles and grant permission to them
8. pratice to use ISQL*plus and know what it is ? and what does it do? and what command can be use on it?
that's it, Good luck everyone

21 years ago
thanks for the xml resources.
for your Jornado you would need a compatible
java runtime or the java virtual machine or
the cdlc as they say it. it is a scaled down version of a full jvm, but has all the important api support like io, networking, lang etc etc
so first make sure that you have the correct compatible java runtime engine installed in your device.
second download the corresponding j2me toolkit for your device (and java runtime) separately on your PC. So that you compile and test run your applications on the toolkit.
once you are sure it runs fine on your toolkit then download to your device ie Jornado in your case.
i hope this helps a bit, though i am also new to the j2me.

Originally posted by Jos Horsmeier:
I hope my question is appropriate in this forum; I couldn't find another one in which my question would 'fit' ...
for one reason or another I want to compile some Java programs on my Jornada 728 device. First I downloaded the 1.1.8 file from Sun and fired up the chaivm (the built-in vm) using as the entry point; it hung up the vm.
Second I downloaded Sun's Personal Java, wince(ARM) edition, the CAB file installed everything quite elegantly, but when I started pjava.exe (the vm), this darn 728 started complaining that it couldn't execute this program???
Is there some kind soul around who can explain to me what I have to do to be able to compile Java sources on my 728 device?
thanks in advance and
kind regards

21 years ago
your java application would be the server
and you have a client in your wireless device.
right ? this is how i read your question.
if that is correct then you have two choices:
one is the wap the wireless access protocol
and the other is that the end user device,
the wireless device in your case has the j2me
java virual machine. Then you could use any
protocol to access your application running
on the server side. think of your end user device
as having a "fat client".
the advantage that you have with j2me approach is
that you are not tied down to just WAP that uses
wap gateways etc etc. do a search on wap and j2me
in this forum and there are some good discussions
and posts.
so basically a device that has a JVM (or cdlc as they
say) then you now need to write a client using the
j2me tool kit. (which is almost like the j2se api,
infact it is scaled down version). also the application
written in j2me toolkit is upwardly compatible to
other java editions. that is a PC running, say, java 1.3
or 1.2 would be able to connect to your server side
application and run in addition to your wirless device.
i think this is a big plus to go for j2me.

Originally posted by Pradeep Bhat:
I have a java application that needs to communicate with wireless device. How do I that ?
What technology will help me.

21 years ago
suggest a few j2me devices which one can
buy in US, that one can run the j2me programs.
i have downloaded the j2me toolkit on my pc and
now i need an actual device that i can run the
programs. ability to connect to internet would
be a much desired feature. i guess primarily
j2me enabled devices would be for wireless
connectivity to internet. if you would know of
some j2me devices that can also connect to the
wired networks as well eg standard ethernet
21 years ago
its pretty clear what i had meant.

thank you

Originally posted by Dirk Schreckmann:
So... Are you now asking how to harvest the power of regular expressions in order to solve the problem? Did you already figure out a solution? If so, why not share what you learned with anybody that happens by this thread and tell us of your solution?

21 years ago
with due respect to your status as bartender for this forum.
when i had posted this question (back in July), your first reaction was "what have you thought of..."
well since then i see that you have started your regular expressions stuff. well indeed the question i had posted then was related to regular expressions ! (which are now supported in jdk 1.4)
hopefully now when questions like this come up, they are recognised as being related to regular expressions.
thank you

Originally posted by Dirk Schreckmann:
What have you thought of and/or tried so far?

21 years ago
what is the target option like say
javac -target 1.2
first is the syntax ok. assuming say i have jdk version 1.3 (say) then the above would compile my file with respect to 1.2 version.
is that ok ?
21 years ago
jdk for Standard edition or Enterprise ? i believe for EE, but just wanted to make sure.

Originally posted by Bodie Minster:
You will need the JDK and not just the JRE to run JSP's because they get compiled into servlets at runtime.

21 years ago
thanks for the url.
ok, which one is the one that would install the tomcat container for apache web server
can you please briefly let me know what is the purpose for this zip file ?

Originally posted by Anthony Villanueva:
installing tomcat4

21 years ago
i have just begun with the xml tutorials.
w3scool tutorial has an example for xml based info displayed with the help or medium of HTML.
what are the other ways that are commonly used by applications, programmers to send/receive/display xml ? sure this list would have programmers who would be working with xml. the w3schools tutorials has an example where they show how xml info is displayed with the help of HTML ie in a web page.
is this (via http) the most commmon way to use xml technology. after all xml does not do any thing, it is just a data structure to layout information. one needs other programs/applications etc to send/receive info that is structured with xml. (typical examples or other technologies extensively using xml...)
also please send me a link to an actual web site that extensively uses xml.
[ August 22, 2002: Message edited by: mark stone ]
1. for writing and running servlets what api (java sdk) do we need to install ?
EE enterprise or SE standard edition ??
sun's java web server contains appropriate module that can run servlets... right ?
So one needs such a module to run the servlets ?
2. what about apache web server ? it comes with the servlet engine ? or is it called container ?
3. there are two parts : one is the sdk and the other is runtime environment. the runtime engine required to run servlets is the "container" ? right ? about the sdk ?
[ August 07, 2002: Message edited by: mark stone ]
21 years ago
the search is now severley limited. (as i remember earlier one could search into archives..)
i tried looking up one of my old post and only 50 results show up. why is this limitation ? is there some switch/click that i am missing ?
21 years ago
1. for the standard edition the classes are java.* (like java.awt.** etc) and also there are javax.* (like javax.swing, javax.accessibility etc
But for the EE ie enterprise edition there are only javax.activation, javax.mail etc etc
so what exactly is this javax ?
2. for writing and running servlets what api do we need to
install ? EE enterprise or SE standard edition ??
sun's java web server contains appropriate module that can run servlets... right ? So one needs such a module to run the servlets ?
21 years ago