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(To quote a bit from the book :-)

Jini targets OSGi’s original problem space of networked environments with a variety of connected devices.
The Jini model assumes remote access across multiple VM processes, whereas OSGi assumes everything occurs in a single VM process. But in stark contrast to OSGi, Jini doesn’t define any modularity mechanisms and relies on the execution-time code-loading features of RMI.
Running a OSGi framework inside other containers is doable (but as others have noted some are easier than others - eg. servlets easy, ejb tricky). The footprint of for example Apache Felix is about 500K (both on disk as well as in memory) so typically no problem for a server side application.

As mentioned already, more and more, there are possibilities to use OSGi out-of-the-box inside JEE containers (JOnAS has very good support but, Glassfish, JBoss, and Websphere make it possible one way or the other by now as well).
The book and the examples (yes, we do have quite some code examples) are largely independent of the framework implementation as we target the OSGi specification. The examples are set-up to be run with felix but do work just as well with other frameworks.
We certainly cover OSGi services in depth. This includes all the points you mention however, we are not talking about SOA in general (i.e., you can find in the book how to use services inside a OSGi framework).