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juniad Ahmed

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Recent posts by juniad Ahmed

Hi Guys,

I know this question has been asked before, but i could not find a solution for my problem.

I am implementing Spring security with database authentication. When i launch the application, login page is displayed, but when i click on submit, it gives No Hibernate Session bound to thread exception.

Please guys help me out.

Please guys help me out
10 years ago
Thanks Maroun Baydoun. It worked like a charm.
10 years ago
Hi Guys,

I was trying to write all button in one java class which extends component and use that object in my main class, But its not displaying those buttons. I have to use AWT and not swings. Please help

10 years ago
Hi friends,

I am new to AWT, I was practicing AWT to make some GUI which later i should modify and use in my project. I saw a GUI in one website and was planning to design like that, but i am not sure which layout manager i should be using. Attaching an image of the same.
10 years ago
Sorry, i am using GridLayout. I can see border line between the buttons placed in gridLayout.
Can you see the border or division between the buttons. I want to remove that, I have attached an image as well.
10 years ago

I am new to AWT technology, so please help with with my problem.
When i create a gridBagLayout(2,2), it creates square of 4 cells with border line dividing each cell. I want to get rid of this border line, how can i achieve this?
10 years ago
Hi Guys,

I have faced an unique problem in my web app. I have used tabindex attribute in my HTML page. In Firefox on tab key event the focus shifts to HTML element which has tabindex as 1. But in IE8 on tab event the same page flow goes to browser address bar then all the html elements which don't have tabindex then to HTML element which has tabindex defined.

How can i achive the following flow in both IE8 and Firefox

First tab event focus should be on add button
second tab event focus should be on edit button

Its 10 record not 0
10 years ago
Hi Guys i am facing a problem updating all but one duplicate rows. If i have 0 duplicate record in my table i should update 9 records and leave the other record as it is. For example

if i have the following records

Id Fname Lname
1 abc xyz
2 abc xyz
3 abc xyz
4 abc xyz
5 abc xyz
6 abc xyz
7 abc xyz
8 abc xyz
9 abc xyz
10 abc xyz

after i run the query the result should be some thing like this

Id Fname Lname
1 abc xyz
2 abc xyz_1
3 abc xyz_2
4 abc xyz_3
5 abc xyz_4
6 abc xyz_5
7 abc xyz_6
8 abc xyz_7
9 abc xyz_8
10 abc xyz_9

10 years ago
tried using


but still no help
10 years ago
Hi All,

I have build HelloWorld spring annotation based app using netbeans 6.8 which has spring 2.5 spring plugin.

I gives the following error while trying to see the application through browser.
" Jul 2, 2011 12:39:55 PM org.springframework.web.servlet.DispatcherServlet noHandlerFound
WARNING: No mapping for [/SpringAnnotCollabera/helloworld.htm] in DispatcherServlet with name 'dispatcher'

My code is

Please do help me out as i have to use spring annotation in my project. its urgent
10 years ago
Hi David,
I am not retrieving and player from data base. I am just creating a new instance of player then saving it into data base with one to many relation.
Hi all,
I searched the forum for the same error and got many results but nothing seems to work in my problem. Can any one help me. I have many to one relation between TEAM and PLAYERS. I retrive a team based on uique id and then try to add players to that team. When i do that i get the following error

org.hibernate.LazyInitializationException: failed to lazily initialize a collection of role:, no session or session was closed

here is the code which i am using.

i have a simple spring application to test spring security feature. only admin can access some url, if some one slse tries to access it it should throw error, but i get the following error " Access is denied (user is anonymous); redirecting to authentication entry point Access is denied"

11 years ago
Hi Mark,
I got the example working.
Here is the code which is working fine. If you feel some think can be improved please comment.

11 years ago