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Anuj Batra wrote:
1. I am doing. Is this correct ?

It seems correct, but you have to remove WEB-INF, try with:
10 years ago
Hi will,

I had asked the OCP team to know how long could it take to see the certification status on CertView, they reply.

...We request you to allow 1-2 weeks time to view the Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect certification certification status on CertView...

11 years ago
Congratulations Rajan
11 years ago
11 years ago

Rajan Choudhary wrote:Congratulations! When did you submit the assignment? If I am not wrong, your assignment was Dreamcar as well and you and I submitted same day 31st May, correct? I am still waiting. Very much scared though ..............

Yes, i got Dreamcar too, i sent the assignment and passed the essay exam a bit earlier than you, the 25 May, and i got the confirmation mail the 27 May.
If i'm right, you got the confirmation mail the 2 June, normally 8 weeks after that day, it's mean 28 July you should receive your score, if not, permit some days and send them a mail asking where are they with the correction. I wish for you the best.
11 years ago
Hi everybody,

I finally received the mail saying that i passed.

It took about 8.5 weeks, 8 weeks was complete the last friday, yesterday i sent them a mail asking for the correction progress state, i don't know if it was a reaction for it or just a coincidence , i got the score mail today.

I really was fearing the worst when i saw the new infos about the eliminatory section score, fortunatly i passed, no infos about scores, just "Congratulations! You have passed the Oracle Certified Master...".

The mark cade chapter 9 and this forum were my main infos source, i want to thanks everybody, specially jeanne(experiences) and sharma(experiences) for taking time and writing their experience for us.

Best luck for all SCEA/OCMJEA aspirants.

Best regards,
11 years ago
Thank you balaji for the info ,

In the "Scoring Policy" founded in the Oracle Guidelines page, we can see:

The passing scores provided on the Oracle Certification Program website are for informational purposes only. Oracle does not recommend an exam preparation strategy targeting the passing score, because passing scores are subject to change without notice.

Anyway, i too didn't have any infos about minimum score for sections, and i did focus on some .
In the other hand this make me wounder , what will happen if someone got an eliminatory(<17) score in the Part 3 Short Answer ?

Jari Timonen wrote:While waiting for email, i'm not going to waste time. Even if i pass. I really wan't to know what went bonkers.

Well Jari, your case is still confusing, it's true that you shouldn't waste time waiting, but as side note, don't forget that the deadline has being delayed to 1 October(approximitly three month from now).

Questions (24 maximum) ................ 24 ....... 100 %
Class Diagram (40 maximum) ............ 27 ....... 67,5 %
Component Diagram (40 maximum) ........ 30 ....... 75 %
Deployment Diagram (24 maximum) ....... 9 ....... 37,5 %
Interaction Diagrams (16 maximum) ..... 16 ....... 100 %
Technical Risks (16 maximum) .......... 11 ....... 68,75%

From your score, your deployment diagram is clearly the one to blame.

But still, i never heard about eliminatory section score ! And couldn't find reference on that, the only knowen info is about the passing score (114 for our case), i currently have my assignment in grading, as i see it now, i'm in big trouble.

Thank you for sharing,
Hi Jari,

Sorry to hear that, but i'm afread i didn't understand what did you mean !

Jari Timonen sayed:
Failed although enough points

Have you received a scoring email marked as "failed" even if you got >= 114 points ?

Good luck,

Kumar Amit wrote:EJB Timer Services is not recommended to use for building real-time applications (mission critical applications), as the expiration may not happen accurately at all times because of certain factors like the network latency, underlying implementation etc.

For a banking application you are probably right, but for something like room reservations, a simple timer which will change the rooms status to free if the reservation is not confirmed should be enough.
I mention the reservations example because i remember seen it in the "Maning EJB 3" book, it's seemed reasonable, so as you sayed, it's depend on your assignement and where do you categorate it, is it need a more robust scheduling or not.
Indeed, this is scaring me too, at 27May i got an email confirming that my assignement and essay exam has been sent for grading, and that i have to wait 6 to 8 weeks, expecting the result in 20 July.

The fact is, i'm giving myself big chance to fail, i hope they can honor the fixed delay, otherwise if i fail and didn't got the result at time, the SCEA exam will be like a fish bone stuck in my throat for life .

Good luck everybody,