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Recent posts by Alexander Sales

Practicality wise. OCMJD or i5 Laptop? both cost 1000USD.
Sorry for my question but my real point is.. If I use android 2.2 platform, will it be running on any android phone?
11 years ago

I am new to Android programming.

If I will be using Android platform 2.2. Will I be able to use other platforms?

Do you guys have any tips on programming android on eclipse?

Best Regards,
Alex Sales.
11 years ago

Good morning and good day!


Suppose I have..

How many object instances will i create if i will do this code?

11 years ago
So the concept of Asynchronous context is to create a back-end server processing and the client won't have to wait for the loading?...

11 years ago

is asynchronous context in servlet 3.0 different from ajax? Or it is the same?

ajax has callbacks to change a specific position in the browser.

how to create callbacks for asynchronous context?

11 years ago
Maybe you don't have a servlet-name for your servlet?...
11 years ago
Oh.. I had a mistake while testing them..

but I noticed...

request.getPathInfo() - becomes null when I don't use wildcards in the url pattern.

request.getServletPath() - becomes empty when you use a url pattern name of a servlet like - '/index.jsp' or '/*'.
but will have a name if it is written like this - '/anyServletName/index.jsp' or '/anyServletName/*'.
it will output - '/anyServletName'.

Alex Sales.
11 years ago
In using the following methods.



Is it possible to get both Paths?

How does the two methods work according to your experience?

Alex Sales
11 years ago
This is really a good one! Keep up in knowing the pitfalls
after netstat for windows to kill current running process in that port
11 years ago
i would rather think of how the future will affect my design when creating a system. Then tell my self, "Wow, i never imagined that i have a strategy pattern here!"
sure! i am always online around this time...