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Recent posts by Rami Nassar

Hello Dears,

Can any one advise me the best book for JTA and transaction management. I have a good knowledge ob transaction management i got it by studying EJB 3.1 Certification.

Thanks for all

Thanks alot for sharing your experience, but which book you read?

Java Web Services: Up and Running or Java Web Services: Up and Running Second Edition ?

Rajeev Rnair wrote:
1. Mikalai Zaikin's OCEJWSD6 mock exam - i skipped UDDI and JAXR parts in appendix

I would say both Ivan and MZ notes are a MUST to study. Use MZ mock exam as another study guide! THANK YOU so much to Ivan and Mikalai!!!

Dear Rajeev Rnair,

Thanks for sharing your experience. now I am preparing for this exam and I am so confused about "mock exams". what about Mikalai Zaikin's OCEJWSD6 mock exam ? is it cover all subjects and is it identical to real exam questions?
4 years ago

How much the "Mikalai Zaikin" exam covers the exam?
4 years ago
Congratulation Ramy,

I will start this week studding JPA, If you have any recommendations kindly inform me because I am very confused about it. I will follow your procedure and I hope its working fine

I passed JavaBeans certification in 04-FEB-2015 you have to read Oreilly.Enterprise.JavaBeans.3.1.6th.Edition.Sep.2010 and Specification and Enthware exams.
5 years ago
Congratulations, are you sure that Enthuware's JPAD 6 useful? are you sure that all questions and answers are correct because I am preparing now for OCEJPAD and I am so confused about mock exams testing
Hi All,

I am preparing for JPA certifications and I am studying "Pro JPA 2: mastering the Java Persistence API" as a reference. and looking to use mock exams from Enthuware's JPAD 6.

is it enough? can I ignore reading the "JPA 2.0 specification" because I have to pass it ASAP? If I using another testing engine rather than Enthuware's is it useful because I want complete real exam?

At last which better to study "Pro JPA 2: mastering the Java Persistence API" or "Pro JPA 2 (Expert's Voice in Java)"

thanks all.
I search on Internet for free mock exams for 1Z0-895. all exams I see have only 90 question. Is it enough for me that I just study it or I need to buy new mock exams?? Please reply
Dear All,

Thanks for your answers. now I should give up waiting of Head First not keep on my materials. keep with Oreilly.Enterprise.JavaBeans.3.1.6th.Edition which internally refer to EJB 3.1 Specification in some sections, and finally I will study the mock exams. If its not enough kindly let me know..
Is there any news about Head First if there is book EJB 3.1 for certification 1Z0-895 (Java EE 6 Enterprise JavaBeans Developer Certified Expert Exam). really its hard to study. I am using 3 books and its confusing and hard to be done.

I am using the following:

1- Oreilly.Enterprise.JavaBeans.3.1.6th.Edition.Sep.2010.
2- EJB 3.1 Specification.
3- OCP JavaEE 6 EJB Developer Study Notes by Ivan A Krizsan.

Kindly advice..

Hi all,

I have comepleted SCJP and SCWCD certifications and looking to take up Web services 1.6 developer exam, after internet searching I see that Web services 1.6 is better choice than Web services 1.5 and I see the following link for Web services 1.6


Can you lead me about the best material to start studding it. there is recommended book "J2EE Web Service for Richard Monson Haefel" can I start studding it or there is better books than it.
Kindly advise for best best UML tool which help me create "Class Diagrams & UML Diagrams" and generate source code based on specific predefined architecture, Its preferred to be a plugin integrated with JDeveloper 11.

Thanks All

Michael Dunn wrote:have you added the listener twice?

OMG.. yes I added it twice by mistake.. I remove it and its working fine.. thanks alot my friend :)
8 years ago