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Recent posts by Muralidharan Raju

I have been trying to configure PgPool to accept a requests of about 150. Postgres server is configured to accept only 100 connections. Anything beyond 100 need to be pooled by PgPool. I don't seem to get that. I only require PgPool to queue the requests, my current configuration does not do that. From my JMeter test, when I try to get connection beyond 100, postgres gives me an error saying PSQL error: sorry, too many clients.

I only have configured PGPool with the following parameters :

listen_address = 'localhost'
port = 9999
backend_hostname0 = 'localhost'
backend_port0 = 5432
num_init_children = 100
max_pool = 4
child_life_time =120
child_max_connections = 0
connections_life_tome = 120
client_idle_limit = 0

Since I only require PgPool to Queue the extra connections requests, is the above configuration correct? Please advise on the proper configuration.
I am a newbie in JMeter, How do i test the sending of byte stream as request to a Servlet. where this Servlet is receiving it as a stream(DataInputStream), then saving it as a appropriate file. the situation is, we are sending a file as stream to a servlet from a mobile application. we have to test the performance of the servlet.

i have tried to HttpRequest but didnt work, how do i test to send the streams?
10 years ago
There is no solution for this?? or how should i do it otherwise.. Please advice folks..
This is reining my new year..

Sam Mercs wrote:(I think) The correct property name is rollingPolicy and not rollingpolicy (Capital 'P' for policy)

NO .. still not happening . i get the same warning. log file is not getting archived into zip.
is there no solution for this??
Please suggest me folks..

Kumar Raja wrote:This request should ideally posted in another forum. I guess, the moderators would move it to an appropriate forum.

But what is your configuration so far.

my apologies for not posting in appropriate forum, Since i my code is servlet based i posted in servlet subform.

here is the configuration file i am testing.
i get a warning saying rollingpolicy must be declared and the old log does not get zipped .
i have searched through google and have not found any solution yet. although i did find an example mentioning that it should declared in the POM.xml file for Maven projects,
my project does not contain this POM.xml file. how do i solve this?? Please help

Hey folks,

i have a need of archiving the log in zip or gz format.
when i run the application, i get an lo4j :WARN Element type "rollingpolicy" must be declared
and it does not create a zipped file.
i have created a log4j configuration file in a xml format.
Where do i have to declare this ??
Hey folks,

My project was using annotation based spring-config.xml (context:component-scan) XML schema. no need to configure every controller just base-package path is enough . But i want to use normal <!DOCTYPE > here i have to configure every controller with <bean> tag, what is the simple way to do this .

11 years ago
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Hey folks..

I m on Spring MVC, after i use response.sendRedirect, how do i receive response from the server. Actually i am working on a sms sending project. so once i response.sendRedirect(string), it gives a status of sent msgs. how do i receive it? since its in the new page...?

i am totally blank on this..
11 years ago
hey folks,

all the error messages are being displayed in console. i want the tomcat to print in log files stdout and stderr .. how to configure that?(i am using windows XP).
11 years ago
Hey folks,

i need to run an application that can run automatically that when the tomcat starts..?
any suggestions...?
11 years ago

hey folks..

This is weird but, i get this error while trying to insert or access the table through hibernate. Thing is.. i was able to insert properly in the beginning when i developed it. after a while i get this kind of error where i cant insert nor can i access the table rows. I have observed that sometimes it mapps and sometimes it doesnt(random way). Is there some property i need to set? or something like that?

PS: when i clean my project in Myeclipse it works sometimes and sometimes it doesnt. I didnt make any syntactical error .. i was able to run it . i can access at random times.

Hey folks..

i finally resolved this issue using spring message tag, giving javaScriptEscape="true"

after 3 weeks of research !!

<spring:message code="${escapedString}" javaScriptEscape="true"/>
11 years ago
Hey folks,

Is there any way so that i can start and stop tomcat services without admin privileges..? i mean the basic user in windows XP cant start nor stop the tomcat services with the admin privileges... i need some way so that i dont need to be an admin to do that..

Doing this would really help fasten my work..
11 years ago