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Recent posts by Marco Schrank

Thanks John,

the link you provided helped me a lot.

12 years ago
Hello Everybody,

I did some projects with javafx 1.3 and settle over to javafx2 now.

As python is my favourite language, I would like to use it with javafx now.
Actually it is pretty hard to find some tutorials with respect to jython/javafx.
Does anyone know of a tutorial?

Even a small code example would help me a lot. I did a hello world example
myself but where not able, to manage the event handling.

Could someone tell me how to implement for example a click event of a button
in jython/javafx?

Thanks in advance.

12 years ago

imho you can use python for everything. Some fields make more sense, others make less sense.
I wouldn't implement a large scale equation solver in python, but rather in C or Fortran.
But you have the opportunity to use every java package with jython or you can port the crucial
parts with respect to performance to C/Fortran. Same works for IronPython and .net.
If you wanna see what is possible, have a look at numpy, scipy, matplotlib or sympy.
Those are more science related packages but you can find the same quality in other fields.
Python is easy but powerfull. Just compare the way Python deals with Reflection with the Java way
for example. Same holds for lists ...

12 years ago

is there a 'natural' way to get a formula output in the gui?
Let's say something like an equation (not very complex) as content of a Text control or label.
I would like to avoid to do something like transform a latex equation to a png and add it as
an ImageView.

Thanks for any hints,

P.S.: I am still stuck with javafx 1.3.
12 years ago

I plan to use javafx for some online tools, where I need a sophisticated gui.
I had several silverlight vs. javafx discussions with my coworkers who are more ms affine.
My javafx pro arguments are
-platform independece
-more or less not proprietary
-access to the java ecosystem
-interesting gui concept
It would be great if someone could give me some more ammunition for the next round.

13 years ago