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Recent posts by Yoke Lee

Actually........... I solved it.

This is the final code that works:

Hope it helps any other who needs. Cheers
maybe a lil bit piece of code will be helpful.

if it were me, i would use jquery and use each() function.
Hi all

I've been trying to achieve this for several hours but to avail. Hope I can find enlightenment here....

I am trying to make a dynamically form created by jquery in div element in a.php , submit to b.php, then return the result the same div in a.php

So far this is my code


When I click the a#igniter, it will populate the div panel with a form. I managed it with this piece of code.

With this i have a form (id="group_edit") in div panel in a.php. Great! But, whenever i submit, the whole page goes to b.php instead of the div....

tried this code as well:

but seems like it just never goes there.....

I tried the solutions here:

but doesn't work for me....

Please help me.... thanks.....