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Recent posts by dennis deems

Jayesh A Lalwani wrote:Or putting it in another way, if Santa Claus myth had originated in a polytheistic culture, Santa Claus would be a god already.

It did, and he was (is).
11 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:At least the Krampus is no longer a propagated legend.

+10,000 Internets for using a still from my favorite TV show as the illustration!
11 years ago
Ctrl + D
Deletes the current line. By far my most frequently used shortcut in Eclipse.

Ctrl + Up Arrow, Ctrl + Down Arrow
Moves the current line up or down. Also very frequently used.

Ctrl + /
Sets the current line to be a comment. This works as a toggle: if the current line is already commented, this shortcut un-comments it making it active code.

If you type all the upper-case letters in the name of a class, then press Ctrl + space, Eclipse will replace it with the name of the class. If you type only some of the upper case letters, such that more than one class can match, Eclipse will open a list and allow you to select the class you need.
Focusing on memory is too narrow a scope for the concept of "expensive". Expensive means consuming more resources than we would prefer. The resource in question could be memory, but often we are talking about the time necessary to complete the task. Sometimes we're referring to bandwidth. Our application may depend on a remote service; calling that service might be expensive because our bandwidth is limited, or it might be expensive because the request takes a long time to serve. A database call could be expensive if we have a lot of logic and joins in our SQL, or if we're doing locking and managing transactions. We have to consider server resources in addition to just what the application needs to run locally.
11 years ago

Tony Docherty wrote:They probably say something like 'this' can be used to refer to any method in the current object.

Um, what?
11 years ago

Pat Farrell wrote:Seems that with DST, the kids were standing on the corners waiting for school buses in the dark. We can't have that. Our kids are too dumb to recognize what a big yellow school bus is without the sun.

It's worse even than that. When we "spring forward", they are in the dark again.
11 years ago

Paul Anilprem wrote:

Henry Wong wrote:
so this leads to the question, with so much daylight, what is this daylight "savings" supposed to do?

Save non-renewable energy.

So we're told, but in fact it doesn't do this:
11 years ago
This is something we would do in our application with colspan. Is that an outmoded approach?
11 years ago

Marco Noronha wrote:

Tim Holloway wrote:Backing beans can contain converters, but that is just an additional aspect of the Backing Bean.

Documentation is unclear, but I'm pretty sure that when a Backing Bean implements Converter, it's intended to make the backing bean as a whole self-converting. In other words, if BeanX implements Converter, I don't expect the conversion methods to be receiving/emitting anything that isn't a BeanX.

You are right! That´s why my bean doesn´t implement Converter!!
My Generic (BaseConverter) does!!

What's the advantage of a design like this? At first glance I would much rather have a separate, dedicated converter class that works on a specific type.
11 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:So the experience was so awful, that you need to take the time to tell me how terrible it was.

I'm not taking the time to tell you how terrible the experience was of clicking on a link. I'm taking the time to tell you that I agree with the OP: in my opinion those ads undermine Java Ranch's credibility.

And you would like for me to remove these ads because you might click on it again?

I know you don't care about that, and in your place I probably wouldn't either. I don't even really care that much: I clicked once, now I won't, the end. I never said you should remove the ads.

Because of my amazingly attractive prose that does not sound like advertising copy?

Because of its position at the bottom of a thread, on the same background color as the other thread posts, horizontally aligned to the other thread posts.
11 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:I would have thought for a phone book or similar, you naturally use a Map.

Let him get comfortable with arrays and lists before throwing map at him.
11 years ago

Mike Bates wrote:I thought the best approach would be to notify other processes that the record was updated, have those processes grab the data and to their part.

This is just what I would do.
11 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:I'm having a hard time seeing the downside here.

The down side for me is that somebody tricked me, so I trust them less than I did before.
11 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:It is clearly an ad and not a fake post.

Disingenuous. "I agree. Here's the link" is not advertising copy.
11 years ago
What you say is contradictory: if you believe we know they are ads, then why go to the trouble of making them look like forum posts? I'm with Joanne. I clicked on the zkoss banner ad because I was interested in their product. I clicked on the fake-post footer ad by accident, thinking it was a forum post. You know the saying, fool me twice? Well you fooled me once. And you successfully trained me never, ever to click on another fake-post footer ad on your site.
11 years ago