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Recent posts by Matt Josh

In database I have 207306 rows for Entity as part of process I have to read all this data and put to some cache.
Is it possible to implement some kind of paging or slicing which automatically fetch x number of rows get result which I can save in cache
again make call to get fix number of data.
Is it possible to set Lazy loading for OneToOne mapping ojects?

In my project I am using JPA.
Recently we have created JPA pojo from existing Tables in schema using JPA Entities from Table tool.
Now I am using Spring JpaDaoSupport at DAO layer.
I started with simple query to fetch POJO based on primary key that works fine.
when I try to fetch all data for given entity it throws heap error.
My entity as strucuture something like this.

Please suggest if I can implemenet some kind of lazy initialization to avoid heap issue

I am very new to JPA based implementation request you to please give suggestion on initialization and load strategy.