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Recent posts by mallikarjun dontamsetti

sanket jani wrote:
String userName = String.valueOf(request.getAttribute("usrName"));

Are you sure you are not getting null [code]request.getAttribute("usrName")[code] over here.
Use type casting don't use String.valueOf.
8 years ago
There is nothing wrong in your code. few things is there any mechanism to identify the client at the server end? that identifies the client and resume the data sending like session tracking? or identifying the client?
as you mentioned i haven't run into any problems with speed up thing.
here is server

here is my client

9 years ago
Is there any way that i can get ping from server to client for a perticular time or the client side task is completed.
Like client is sending a large amount of data and server need to send a message for every second to clent.
Please guide me to solve this thing.
In your web.xml welcome-file, you have configured it as wish.html and in this post you mentioned it as index.html
And also one thing why there are spaces
9 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:

But in case of abstract class an un implimented method is by default abstract . . .

No, it isn't

Is an un-implemented method can be not abstract?
9 years ago
I think it's a foolish question, i know all the methods in Interface are abstract that is why we don't have to mention JVM a method as abstract.
But in case of abstract class an un implimented method is by default abstract why we have to mention abstract infornt of those methods? Why JVM iss not recognizing those methods as abstract(same as interfcae)?
And we are alos suupplying an additional information to JVm by mentioning class as abstract
9 years ago
interface has also same method structur and it also have same abstract methods. why the compile is not showing any error message in that case?
9 years ago
I have a simple classes here one is interface and another one is abstract class when i try to compile them abstract class is givving compilation error. error: missing method body, or declare abstract
public String getName();
1 error
9 years ago
I solved the problem. It's my mistake i have to set domain in my custom servlet (to access it in advice class) i debugged though the program. And domain got null in Email advice. Due to no logs in Advice i don't get any errors before. Problem solved....
10 years ago
Hi, I am new to Spring try to modify some code in JOIDS I write a servlet and put it in the JOID application and calling that servlet from an external application which is running on GAE. It is working fine. In my servlet i have to insert user and password and email in different tables. Which is also working fine. But the email insertion method has an advice configured in applicationContext.xml file which is not firing. Is there any problem with my code.

It is working fine when i run this application and access with url of jos. But when i try to access it from the written servlet it is getting failed(data is inserting correctly but mail task is not executing).
10 years ago
I found solution for this my approach lead me to save the data into different application.
10 years ago

harshvardhan ojha wrote:

In this
will Instantiate a new SessionFactory, using the properties and mappings in this configuration. On that instance we are calling openSession() so how an interface method will be called and return a session object. Is this interface is some thing like marker interface.
Hi, I know seesionfactory,session, transaction, query are interfaces in hibernate. then how are working. because interfaces doesn't have any implemented methods