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Recent posts by pedro costa

I want to create a dynamic menu, the data is get from database for instance. Here is the project

In the dynamic-menu.component.html in the StackBlitz project there are the dynamic solution and the static solution(that is commented).

The static solution should be how the dynamic solution will be rendered after executes.
If i just run with the static solution(uncomment and commented the dynamic) everything runs as expected, but if i try with the dynamic solution the menu does not work as expected (the main buttons stays on top of each other and the submenus do not display and work properly).
Is this related with how ng-template affect the CSS styles ?
Looking through Chrome developer tools i am able to see that the class="mat-menu-item ng-star-inserted" attribute in the dynamic version is added to the button for instance and this does not happen in the static version. I have try everything but i can not get it why is this happening. And how can i fix this. I am new to Angular but i want really understands how the frameworks works

Thanks in advance

Best regards
I am using Eclipse with Websphere 6.1, the webservices runtime are axis or jax-rpc.
When I try to generate the webservice client from this WSDL, it show me a message informing that it is not possible to generate the stubs from this WSDL.
I try to use Axis2 to generates stubs through command line with the WSDL2java.bat file but it only generates me one class.
In the eclipse i use the WTP wizard "Web Service Client" i insert the URI of the WSDL and usually eclipse create the stub class in the project but with the WSDL file that is on the link , the wizard tells me that can not "read" the WSDL file. I already have validated and i can not see what is wrong with that WSDL file.
Can anyone have a clue with what is wrong with this WSDL?


Above is the WSDL that i was speaking.

Best Regards

Thanks in advance
10 years ago
Good morning in my timezone.

I changed Struts framework to read the message resources from database instead from a file. I extended from MessageResourcesFactory and from MessageResources classes.In the end i configured the struts-config.xml file and replace the tag

Everything worked fine.My problem is related with the refresh of the message resources. I have build a ContextListener that puts a thread running , this thread makes the refresh. Now the question , how can i access my MessageResources class ? I now that inside an action i have a method that retrieves the resources getResources(HTTPRequest), but because i am running from an external class i do not have access to that method.At least i tried to use the MessageResources.getMessageResources("myResources") the input parameter used is equal to the parameter used in the
above. This method retrieves the MessageResources from Struts not my extended version that contains the refresh method.

Can anyone help me ? I am stuck with this one.

Thanks in advance

Best Regards
11 years ago
Good Afternoon in my timezone.

I am using struts framework in my Web App development. I had parametrize the exception handling in the struts-config.xml file :

And in the globalError jsp i have the following page directive

When i try to get the message from the exception object , it tells me that the exception object is null.

Why is this happening ?

Thanks in advance.
Best regrads
12 years ago
Good afternoon in my timezone.

I have a few little doubts regarding the use of this tag library and the actionForm. I want to put a inputText in my page , but this input text will be read only.So i did not put any thing in the actionForm object because this is a readOnly text(just to display data). I put the information in the request scope (request.setAttribute("readOnly","data")). In my jsp i have

<html:form action="action1">
<html:text name="actionForm" property="inputText1"/>
<html:text name="actionForm" property="inputText2"/>
<html:text property="readOnly" readonly="true"/>

This is not working(if i remove the last field everything works fine), so i put the following questions ? Is it possible using <html:text> to access attributes in any scope,regardless the actionForm bean ?The documentation provide us with two properties to define the bean from where we want to retrieve the values (name=name of the bean and property=name of the property inside the bean).But it does not say anything about scopes(requst,scope). So can i use this taglibrary or i have to go by another way ?

Thanks in advance
12 years ago
Good afternoon in my timezone.

I am dealing with a doubt that i can not find an answer in the forums.
I have two different pages , and to go to each of them i am using two tab.
Each page consists in one form with a few input texts fields and present the results in a table.Each form is something like this.

<html:form action="page1">
<input fields...>

In the struts-config.xml file i put the following configurations

<action path="/page1"
<action path="/page2"

That means that both page go to be validated through a ActionForm.
Until now i think that everything go by the book.
My problem is related with the tab links, i implemented them by the following manner:

<li><html:link action="/page1" paramId="tabId" paramName="beanName" paramProperty="tab2Id">Tab1</html:link></li>

If you see i am using the same action that i use in the form "page1" , the only difference is that i am passing in the GET the attribute tabId=1.
But in the logs i am able to see that the actionForm is not executed server side, it goes directly to the action object, why this happen ?
Is because i am not using post method? or is because none of the form fields are being sent,because i am not using the form?
And even in the action object i am not able to get from the request scope the attribute "tabId" that i sent in the GET request when i click in the tab.
What i am trying to do is : When i click on any tab i do not want that any validation happens because i am not clicking in any form field,i just want to go to the request page?So i am sending the tabId to inform the actionForm that this request happens when i clicked in a tab , so it should not validate anything.
Can anyone help me ?

Thanks in advance.
12 years ago
Good afternoon in my timezone.

I already had seen a few posts with similar questions , but the answer to them don't correct my problem.

First of all i'm new in hibernate, and i'm trying to learn JPA to.
I'm reading the "java persistence with hibernate" book and doing the first exercise "Hello World" persisting the messages objects.
the build.xml file have the follow taskdef and target :

<taskdef name="hibernatetool"

<target name="schemaexport" depends="build, copymetafiles"
description="Exports a generated schema to DB and file">
<hibernatetool destdir="${basedir}">
<classpath path="${build}"/>
<configuration configurationfile="${build}/hibernate.cfg.xml"/>

update = "true"

when i run this in the command-line it throws the following error:
Taskdef A class needed by class org.hibernate.tool.ant.EnversHibernateToolTask cannot be found org/hibernate/tool/ant/HibernateToolTask

I think this class is defined in the hibernate-tools.jar, i had download file but within this zip there is no such jar.
I already have seen posts anwers talking about a plugins folder , saying that jar is in this folder(plugins) , but there is no such folder inside that zip.
1) So where i can get this hibernate-tools.jar ?
2)Is the hibernate-tools.jar necessary, am i doing something wrong ?

I am a little desperate because i can not advance with that.

With the best regards.