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I'm an intermediate Java programmer and have a copy of Big Nerd Ranch: Android Programming, 2nd edition. Why don't we form a study group to better understand the book? My timings are IST 9:00PM TO 12:00AM Mondays, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. If the timing suits you, do give me a ping.
5 years ago
Hi folks,
I am looking for a mate to study with me via whatsapp calling about android programming. I already have the basics covered, despite that, I am willing to let you start from the very beginning. The book that would be used as the reference is "Android App Development for Dummies, 3rd Edition". The structure of the study session would include the first person reading a paragraph and if he finds something important, a discussion is held and notes regarding that paragraph are written in a text editor. Likewise, the second person reads the next paragraph and does whatever that is mentioned with the first para.
Please join if you're interested and new to Android but already know core Java

Warm Regards,
Soham Das
6 years ago
Hello folks, I am looking out for folks interested in forming a study group for java ejb. If somebody wants to learn ejb 3 or wants to give the business components developer exam, please contact me via private message.
When preparing for the SCJP exam, we were going through the following code:

And this:

I placed both the above files in the following directory: C:\scjp\temp8 ; and the strange thing is that, the .java files are compiling and results in two .class files being created in the same directory. The thing I want to ask, is that, the difference between packages and directory. Isn't it true that the class files could be created in a directory other than the one stated in the package declaration? And the package declaration is something 'virtual', and disregards the windows directory structure. In addition, isn't it also true that, by executing the following command:

javac -d .

The directories are created conforming to the package declaration, which isn't always mandatory?
10 years ago
As always, if you want to find a study partner, get in touch with me at Or you can organize your own study group consisting of people who post in this thread.

Prithvi Sehgal wrote:Hello,

Why need a separate study group. JR is the best study forum or group you can get in order to get your certificate.


Having both is better.
I've decided on creating a voice chat room in a service called . Its a service where you can text and voice chat in groups. We are going to give it a trial run. Email me regarding their quality of service in case you guys use their service. Send your feedback relating to my SCJP group to: .

The link to the SCJP chat room for now is:
Hi, I'd also like to be a part of a study group. If this group isn't active, I am willing to start my own group. As fadi aboona mentioned, we could also voice chat and keep our eyes on our books. Is anybody gonna jump in with me? You can Email me to: this is a temporary yahoo address, so email me quick before I delete it.
I can't figure out an SCJP questions even after getting the right answer:

From the following code(source:, we need to determine when is object referenced as myInt be eligible for garbage collection:

The answer states that it is eligible for GC on line 6. But I think the object is simply not eligable for GC until after line 7. Because, the object being referenced as myInt is also referred to as arr[i] as well. So, don't you think, since, after myInt going out of scope, arr[] still has a reference to it till line 8?
I was going through the SCJP book into the section of regex. It first states that of the following greedy quantifiers:
* - zero or more
+ - one or more
? - zero or one
On the topic of 'greedy' quantifiers, it then describes reluctant quantifiers:
?? - one or zero
*? - zero or more
+? - one or more
Are those signs somehow derived from greedy quantifiers? Or is it something like the !(inverse) and !=(not equals) signs, where both ! marks are totally unrelated? It seems to me, that the ? in the reluctant is unrelated, rather than buliding up some logic, like one or zero AND one or zero in the first line of the reluctant.
I know this is not present on the exam, but still, it helps to clarify.
I was wondering weather there are any chapter-wise Program Ideas / Exercise for me to write for, for the preparation of SCJP 6 (310-065) Exam. I've already went through the K&B book Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Study Guide, and was looking for any other sites which have these categorized by the chapter?