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Recent posts by Fabio Cunha

Hi guys,

I have an application that uses JSF 2 and Richfaces 4,

now I have created a rich: popupPanel, but inside him, no one action work, they simply are not run, anyone have any idea why?

13 years ago
My friend help, the problem is that I don't close the state,

before correction

after correction

thanks for everyone that try to help
13 years ago
I have EL expression my web.xml to manipulate skins for Richfaces, i sure that is not the problem because i already use that for a long time, but I'll try to post this message in the JSF forum.
13 years ago
Hi guys, I'm trying to make a login system for users using a filter, my application is done with JSF and Hibernate, but every time I boot up it, I get an error

But the program still works, but I wonder what the cause of this error? someone would have any idea?
I appreciate any help, thanks




GravaUsuario.java(part of it)

13 years ago
I already create a criteria to list my class

and i use this to show him in my xhtml file

it works, but now i want to mix two tables(using inner join or something) to show in my datatable
I want to construct a hqlquery using hibernate.

I need join two tables, city and state, and one single table to use him to show in a data table in my JSF application, can anybody helpme construct a criteria or hqlquery to join my table

I use JSF to make my web applications, I would like to know what advantages I would get if using Spring with JSF? someone who uses both tools could tell me?
13 years ago
I create a generic DataAccessObject and try to save a data in my database


I use JSF and Hibernate in my application.

This code works perfect when i call him inside netbeans like a desktop app

but when i try to use him inside a JSF app, he give me a error

this is the ManagedBean that i use to save data through xhtml file


why this don't work in JSF app?

13 years ago
I have a problem in netbeans,

I am creating a web application with Hibernate and JSF,

the problem is that once you delete a file, I restart the tomcat, and even then the tomcat is still looking for him

there is an error below happens

and the same error just happened that I deleted a servlet, tomcat still looking for him

I've tried using the clean and build of netbeans, but it did not work

what is the cause of this problem?
13 years ago
Ok, you are right, I will follow the java coding standards, i will rename the "seuManagedBean" to "SeuManagedBean", but I don't know how implement faces-config.xml, how i can implement that?

Another thing, take a look in code below: it's the same logic as the "SeuManagedBean":

I use the same logic as the "SeuManagedBean", but they call two methods

and each of them call a diferent criteria

This way, everytime i need to populate a selectonemenu, the code will call all methods(each accesses the database to retrieve the records), my application may become slow?

I understand your idea about the config in faces-config.xml, but i don't know how to implement.

Could you help?

This in my xhtml file that i use with ListaEstado

13 years ago
I am creating an application using Hibernate and JSF, but at certain times to write data to some tables, I need to pull information stored in other tables

this is the ManagedBeans that I use to pull data from a particular table in my database

but where the line has the following code

I use a fixed class, someone would have an idea how I could pass it dynamically, I ask this because otherwise I'll have to create a ManagedBean for each class that I need to list the database

sorry for the bad english...
i´am brazilian
13 years ago