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yes I knew that, but my problem is that I have to prepare database on remote machine (which will be having SQL server 2005 installed on it and i have to login into that using window authentication) for the use of my application (creation of user and database) by using JDBC only.

can you please suggest how my user can be added to database as sysadmin role, or any other idea if you have? I think using SQL CMD it is possible but dont know how!!!
yes i am getting error

java.sql.SQLException: CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database 'master'.

here is my test code-
hi i am creating a desktop application, in which i have to login into sql server 2005 on the remote machine & have to create database, User etc, by using jTDS i am able to create connection to database as well as able to execute "SELECT" commnads but not able to execute database commands like- create database, create user etc.

can any one guide me how do i do this?
you can use session.isNew()
11 years ago