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Hi Harikrishna,

1. What is the difference between Node and Node Manager ?
Node Manager is a WebLogic Server utility that enables you to start, shut down, and restart Administration Server and Managed Server instances from a remote location.
Node now there is nothing like node in weblogic servers but many people refer managed servers as Nodes.

2. What is the difference between Admin server Vs managed server ?
Admin server can be only one for a Domain, which works like a Central Configuration/Monitoring controller for the entire domain
Managed server are similar to the Administration Servers, except few differences. Like Managed Servers will not have Administration Console Application (consoleapp) deployed in it

3. What is the relationship between Node/Node Manager to Admin/Managed Server ?
A Now Node Manager is needed to start/stop managed servers from the Admin consoles

To get more information on them check out the below link

Topic: WebLogic Initials
13 years ago
Hi pavan,

It seems that you are missing "hibernate-core-x.x.x.jar" in your classpath which has the required class which is needed "org.hibernate.event.EventListeners$2 ". As you dont have this jar thats the reason you are getting this error.

Caused By: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.hibernate.event.EventListeners$2

You can put that jar in your domain lib and restart you server that would solve your issue.
13 years ago
HI PhaniKiran,

What you can do is that you can keep

base-sp.jar -> in your war file in [ web-inf/lib ]

base-2.0.jar -> in server lib folder in [ /jboss-as/server/<PROFILE>/lib ]

base-1.0.jar -> in JBoss lib folder in [ /jboss-as/lib ]

Now when you hit your application which is kept in the [/jboss-as/server/<PROFILE>/deploy] then the in case of WAR files the application would pick up the base-sp.jar first and if its not found any jar in WAR then it would look into [ /jboss-as/server/<PROFILE>/lib ] which has base-2.0.jar and if that too is not found then it would look into [ /jboss-as/lib ] which has base-1.0.jar this way your requirement is fulfilled.

Try this out
13 years ago
HI Srinivas,

JMX console shows details about only 1 server at a time, however if you have servers running in cluster then you have to open that number of JMX consoles say you have two servers running in a cluster all_node1 running on port 8180 and all_node2 running on port 8280 then the URL for them would be like as follows



However if you need only one console to monitor all the nodes then JON which is JBoss Operations Network would be the best options for you.
13 years ago
Hi Srinivas,

Yes, you can monitor the connection pool usage from the JMX console, following is the JMX console path

jboss.jca -> name=<YOUR_DS_NAME>,service=ManagedConnectionPool

It would show you details like AvailableConnectionCount, ConnectionCreatedCount, InUseConnectionCount etc
13 years ago
Hi Ronak,

As you can see you are getting outofmemory issue this means that your application/server needs more heap to run, hence do let us know what are the memory arguments have you given.

Also I would suggest you to have a look at the below link which would give a brief information about the out of memory issue, so do have a look it would surly help you.

Topic: Causes and First Aid of JVM Crash Issues?

Topic: Parts Of JVM And JVM Architecture Diagram?

13 years ago
Hi Aashu,

It looks that your application is having hibernate hence add the hibernate-x.x.x.jar where x is the version of hibernate in your server classpath and check if that solves your issue.

Also if you are using shared library then checking out the below link would be surely helpfull.

Topic: Classloading: Making Hibernate work on WebLogic

13 years ago