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Recent posts by sk said

hi guys,

i need help on algorithm to combine k letters from a word.
for example, i have this word: 'ABCD' . then i want to combine 3 letters from that word. so it comes to these combination:
1- ABC
2- ABD
3- ACD
4- BCD

how is the algorithm in java script so that i can get any letter combination from any word insert by users?
real need it urgent....please and thanks in advance
10 years ago
i created a tabbed pane with 3 jPanel.
1 of them is for output display.
how can i make it's title blinking when there is output to be displayed?
11 years ago
i have a tabbed pane with 3 jPanel.2 is for processing and another 1 is to display an output.
there is a button 'Generator' in both processing panel,after process the information,i want to display the output in a textarea in output panel.currently my code doesnt has error but the output doesnt displayed in textarea.this is my code (i show for 2 jpanel only).

11 years ago

Vijitha Kumara wrote:Welcome to CodeRanch, SK Said

Can you show us what you have done so far, and the error you get...?

Thanks VK...

This is code dat ive done so far
Hi all,
i got a problem on converting ArrayList<String>. Since i cant use the ArrayList in sql.

i want to update `result` column in sql using preparedStatement.since the `result` parameter is LongBlob.and ArrayList<String> result_list=[apple, mango, banana, orange, grape,]

i want to store all the list in result_list into `result`.means i have to convert and type map.but, i dont know how to do it.
Anyone knows how to do it?