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since Apr 04, 2011
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Recent posts by Mustafa Okbar

The information in tex file stored like this

username: *******************************
lastname: ************************************
firstname: *****************************
email: ***************************************
password: ***************************
latitude: 50.935698
longitude: 1.330554
image: bert0000.png
school: Southampton-018, 1970 - 1974
school: Southampton-048, 1974 - 1975
school: Southampton-008, 1975 - 1977
school: Southampton-038, 1977 - 1981
school: Southampton-031, 1981 - 1985
Hi guys, I am currently doing a web project called alumni and got some problem with reading the data from a text file. I have database access , person and import classes. In my import class I get one mistake. Can you help me to solve it. Thanks in advance. Bellow the code where I need to solve this problem

Sai, thanks a lot, your code helped us.^^ Eventually we got that chicky login
Since we have change this we have got erros((( Is my code not right?

Ive got a servlet, database and jsp consiting of; connection to postgres with a method that will pass username and password to it. From this it will then be called in the servlet to create an if loop to check if the password and username match, from this a boolean variable in the person class, is changed to true and the servlet will redirect. The jsp is to show the form. this is the breakdown of how it goes:

here is the servlet (note it isnt finished but the logic i talk about before will be implemented

and finally the jsp

Our problem is in the servlet the if statement, i am unsure of what to pass and whether to have a .equals class. If so how do i show that active(boolean variable in person class) is true so that it can redirect them to their profilePage or redirect them appropriately!

Many thanks in advance,
p.s will be highly appreciated!
Guys, how to make a method for Database Access class for login? Need some help quick.Thanks in advance

This is what I got so far
Cheers mate. We understand the idea how to do it. cheers again
12 years ago
? thanks in advance
12 years ago
I think we might found the problem. Where the question marks are, after the "username =?" and password, our intention was to pass the form box named username to the relevant question mark. What happens in postgres was error at or near "AND"
12 years ago
Is this Sql query not right then? It works in postgres.

12 years ago
How do you invoke the doPost method into the form or viceversa?When we run the jsp the output is not what I expect it prints tha password and usernmae that I enter eventhough it is not in the database.

Thanks in advance.
12 years ago
This a jsp related to it.I'm not using Html. Help me guys

12 years ago
Dear reader,
I am a beginner when it comes to Java web application, I am having problems with the log in form. I have the form in a .jsp and the servlet will do the processing. We have a JDBC connection to access the database to then when requested to input the data it output the relevant information. But we are getting 405 error and was wondering what the issue is!

Thanks in advance
12 years ago