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@Mihai, that's definitely the case. Oracle announced, that the 1z0-807 is the only exam which needs to passed in order to get OCMJEA 6. The same is now visible in the upgrade path.
I've already written to the Oracle via the Contact Form
I wanted to know, why they increased the passing score for 14-18% making the exam and questions on my opinion far more difficult, as Java EE 5 multiple choice exams. I can imagine, that the middle score was good enough, but 90% of participants have already SCEA of the previous version (like me), this probably explains that, but for the people, who took or will take it for the first time, it's very high passing score in general.

If some other participants, which are also not agree with the passing policy will do the same, it could probably help.

"OCP Exam Passing Scores
Oracle routinely publishes new versions of Oracle Certification exams, and the passing score across versions may differ. The passing score for each exam is set independently to maintain a consistent standard across versions. For example, to maintain a consistent standard for success, a new version of an exam which contains harder questions than the prior version will be assigned a somewhat lower required passing score. For this reason, passing scores may vary between different exams in your certification track, and between later and earlier versions of the same exam."

That means, that 57% for(1Z0-864) for the exam and 53% for (1Z0-868) for the upgrade had much more difficult questions comparing to the 1Z1-807. I don't understand that. To me, 1Z1-807 was far more difficult: ambiguous questions, antipattern questions (those antipatterns are only mentioned in Bruce Tate and some other books, they don't have the standard name on my opinion ). It's not consequent, how Oracle calculated the passing score.

But, of course, it's only my opinion, people who passed, would probably say, that it was ok
I got 70% instead of needed 71%. It's really disappointed because it was the multiple choice exam (my 6 for Java) with by far the most ambiguous questions. I had to reread them multiple times and didn't get time to review. They also put the exam live with 71% passing score, but with 80 questions (11% less as for beta exam) for the SAME 150 minutes. I don't find it fair. We had 90 questions in 150 minutes, many hard-to-understand questions (many people wrote this), which are hopefully now rewritten well. The last, but not least, they have 57% for the multiple choice questions for Java EE 5 Architect certification (, and for upgrade 53% ( I don't see any reason to make it 71% (14-18% more), especially for the beta testers with all these disadvantages they had. I thought it would be maximal 65%. It's much easier to pass the Java EE 5 Architect certification, comparing to 6-th version , considering the passing score
Your opinions?

Anyway, I will try again in some months in order to upgrade my Java EE 5 certification. I didn't prepare too much last time and think that 70% is a very good result for that, so I hope to answer correctly one question more next time

Congrats to all who passed!
I see my result in the certview. They have a big passing score of 71% comparing to the previous exams (57-65%)
Oracle will put the exam live first and then everybody should receive the results within week or two. Since the exam is not live, nobody could have received the results....Probably one should ask Oracle about the time line ....

As you see, there is no information , besides 11 weeks after 13 April. It will probably take another 2-3 weeks
Has somebody already asked Oracle , when the results become available?
As Oracle sent me invitation email to take this Beta-Test (and buy the voucher) , the wrote that the results would be available after approx. 11 weeks.
I don't have any experiences how much did it take for the past versions and similar exams, probably someone can share some.
I can't add anything to it. I took it yesterday too. 90 questions 150 minutes were really too much. Some of them were really long and confusing. I had to reread some question many times to understand the core problem. I was really tired an the end and lost a bit of concentration. Not too much about J2EE 6, as I expected
Hi all,
can anybody shortly answer some questions

1) Why Oracle even doesn't say, how much right answers I've got in the beta exam directly? Can't they calculate them right after taking the test ? I can imagine, that they won't score some questions, that nobody really understood?
2) Why do they need 11 weeks to post the results and passing score? I think it's a big time to wait.
3) What passing score could it be? I think something between 57% and 65%, looking at other passing scores.
I will try on 3 April. It's worth trying for free I'm reading Adam Bien's pattern book and I'm really surprised, that there is no questions about this topic.

Ranil Liyana Arachchige wrote:
Having said that , I do not wish to make any comments on these new requirements anymore as those may well be changed in the future also. What we expect is consistency in requirements , not the overnight introduction of new ones once one has already downloaded the assignment and even has sent the assignment for grading. Those people would surely be disturbed with the constant discomfort resulted in thinking that if they could satisfy previously untold requirements. That is what we need to argue on and we need to argue whether it is justified or not.

Ranil, that exactly what I was feeling. I had very good overall feeling after sending and assignment and having the essay. I was sure, I will pass. It had been better not to read this forum after that, because after having read these additional requirements I felt myself very uncomfortable thinking that I could have f.e. 140 points but only 16 in the Deployment Diagram .
To pay and resubmit again would probably be not so much trouble, but to wait another 9.5 weeks for the result would drive me crazy, I don't know if they grade the resubmition faster than the first attempt. But I passed, and it's even better feeling having done this under such circumstances
It depends on your skills , experience. As I purchased the second part at the beginning of April I even didn't know about the deadline of August (now postponed to October). But as I read it, I firstly thought 4 months are not enough even with my experience of nearly 10 years, as I really planned to spend only some hours each Saturday. So I looked for many advises. But then I told my self : simply start. So I spent 2-3 hours daily after work in the first 2 weeks (I also have family and son) and after 2.5 weeks I have done nearly everything. Then I spent another 1.5 weeks correcting something and writing down some thoughts. After 4 weeks I didn't have something to write and took part 3 on May 6. I think I spent between 45 and 55 hours for part 2 and only few hours for part 3, simply reading this forum preparing myself for the questions
Of course I tried to find a compromize between good assignment and chance to resubmit it till August. You don't have this chance, because it now takes more than 2 month to grade. But if you'll work daily on assignment you'll do it. It's worth doing it, as you won't need any expensive preparation course for upgrades and I hope, that J2EE 6 Certification will be offered soon. I don't think there will be many programmers wanting to be certified paying so much money for the preparation course, so this certification will be even more valuable for sure

Hope I could help
After 66 days of waiting (mystic, as in film "9.5 weeks" , I've received the email, that I passed.
A bit proud of myself, as it were 4 very intensive weeks of work for me and a long waiting time.

Is there any chance to get the scores for part 2 & 3 or Oracle won't give such information?

Thanks everybody for help