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Recent posts by William Li

Originally posted by James Kwan:
Congratulations!!! Whats next for you?

Thanks, my next exams may be ocp pl/sql and then java architecture. I am looking for some resoucce regarding architecture exam. I also clearly know that I still need more practice after certification. Cheer!
Hi, everyone, very pleased to pass the SCWCD today scored 91%. Thank a lot to many people in this forum, especially Anand Chawla, Miftah Khan, Eduardo Cobian, Mika Hirvasoja and SCWCD@whiz. My effort and time to this exam is about 90 hours (3 weeks), read "more servelets and jsp" (this is really a good book, well written, explained clearly and update to lates specs), exercise all mock exams of javaranch scwcd links. I have not read the Sun's specification servlet and jsp for there was not enough time (since the more servlets and jsp cover many issues). As a reference, my score of the final exam of scwcd@whiz is 88%, score for Anand Chawla's Mock Exam is 80%, socre for jwebplus trial exam is 84%.
I have nearly two years real working experience on java and xml, very grateful to javaranch, this is one of best sites I have found and visit frequently. With the help from it, I've passed 3 certificaions since this year.
Good luck to all of you!
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[ April 26, 2002: Message edited by: William Li ]
Hi, it is really a pity, share your feeling.
I think you may try to find out which module
is weakest and do more exercise on it, and go
through the "professional xml second version" again, write down some questions you met in the test and think them again. Hope you good luck next time.
William Li
(IBM XML certified developer 141)

Originally posted by Eesha Ali:
Hi All!
I am very very depressed! A couple of hours back I appeared in the test and scored just 63%.
I have obtained 80%+ a number of times in the Sample Test and I think i understand most of the objectives.
Plz tell me what should i do now!
Can any body suggest when should I appear in the test next ? and how i would be confident of my preparation
All Suggestions are Welcome!

To be honest, I felt the questions in xml@whiz is not so difficult than those in real test, the questions in real test are more comprehensive, I got more than 90% in the simulato tests.
William Li

Originally posted by neha jain:
hello william,
congratulations for the success.
can u please tell us which books u used and how useful jwhiz was.i had purchased jwhiz exam simulator for scjp2 and it was relly very nice and close to the real thing.
how much time did u take for preparation.

Hi, all,
Here are some of my experience regarding 141 test:
Professional XML 2nd version
XML bible
Professional XML Schema
Professioanl XSLT programmer reference 2nd version
web site: ( check for XMML specs )
IBM developerWorks XML Zone
There 5 modules of this test,
have some "pattern" of questions, for
example, B2B (company-to-company) application
must do XML validation, rendering to various
client(handheld, pad, etc) do transform on
the situation suitable for "just-in-time"
transform and static transform.
Information Modeling:
there are more XML schema question than DTD,
content model, simple/complex type, ID/IDREF,
key/keyref, when to use attributes and elements.
XML Processing
remember the some special points of DOM2, SAX2 interface, and their methods. this module have most score (33%)
XML rendering
XSLT structure, XSLT elements(output, key, sort), white space, etc
Testing and Tuning
check IBM sample test.

I spent two month before the exam. This test is really not easy, prepare carefully and enough before you take it.
William Li

Originally posted by Tejas Nakawala:
Congrates William Li
Thats Grate.
Let me know some thing abt the test on

Thanx again
Tejas Nakawala
Mechanical Engineer
SCJP (81%)
OCP (88%)

[ February 08, 2002: Message edited by: William Li ]
Hi everyone,
I just took the IBM Certified Developer - XML and Related Technologies, Test 141. It is a tought exam, more difficult than the sample test on IBM web site, but finally I passed it. Thanks for all help from this forum and xml@whiz.
My score is 73%
Architecture : 72%
Information Modeling: 66%
XML Processing : 73%
XML Rendering : 83%
Testing and Tuning : 83%
From my exerience, it is important to remember DOM2, SAX2 concept and all interface, XSLT structure and elements, XML Schema structure and elements. Because time is tigh, it must be quick enough to answer every question, do not spend too much time if there is one question you don't know. I completed all answer and have nearly 7 minutes left.
William Li
Feb 06, 2002