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Recent posts by Jean-Francois Alban

Well done dmc!
Thanks for Sharing!!
10 years ago
That's correct.
Naturally I would have assume that at runtime the JMV would sort it out and use MySubObj.
Hi guys

Here's a code we were playing with at the office.
What do you think is the expected outcome (no cheating don't run).
Also please provide a why to your answer. Thanks guys!!

Well done! Thanks much for sharing it with us! It helps!!
10 years ago

Matthew Brown wrote:3?

You're creating two CardBoard objects (two new statements). Each of those also contains a Short (200 is out of the range where Shorts are cached, I think). That makes four objects created.

You end up with one live reference to a CardBoard object (c2), but that's still got a reference its Short.

[I'm assuming that ClassBoard = CardBoard - otherwise the answer is "does not compile" ]

ClassBoard... good catch man!!