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Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:Currently only WebSphere 7+ are supported by IBM. Yet we get a lot of questions about WebSphere 6. And I've even seen a couple about WSAD 5 still.

To anyone using the older tools: do you know why your employer hasn't upgraded. I'm curious what a reason could be.

Next 2-3 months many will upgrade to 7...
8 years ago
it should work...

sign the jar on which your jar is dependent and prefix j before the new name of jar..

refer to all the dependency jars with j prefix in jnlp...
9 years ago
is there any exception in the log?
9 years ago
Practicle solution
1. signed the jar
2. set all permissions in the jnlp
9 years ago
The jar files could be easily converted to java code word by word using reverse engineering tool. Would not want legacy code to be accessible to wrong minds..
Java is not offering inherent capabality to obfuscate code to such a level where reverse engineering is not possible.. We have to use opensource tool..

If we want to distribute code as native OS lets say windows system. There also Java is not providing any inherent facility.
Designers can sit with leisure thinking why on earth people would want to obfuscate their code or distribute native code for Windows.
Java is for platform independence. But what if i want to make my application available only on windows and Mac.
I would want to distribute applications in windows way in windows and Mac way in Mac.

Whole point... Java Designer asking Why would some one want it .. is invalid question.. Need to bring JAVA close to Rapid Application Designing Tool..
10 years ago
On a server if we save .jnlp file and the jars , they will be available to the clients openly.
Lets say if we have to give the link to jnlp only after login..

I want to give access to .jnlp file to only those people who know the right username and password.
If somewone directly puts the .jnlp link in the browser then it should not be accessible to the user.

In some way the session has to be transfered from jsp application server to webstart.

Does webstart provide any kind of authentication facility??
10 years ago
i earlier used to write filter for redirection of http request to https.
but my collegue has used this code successfully in tomcat in web.xml..

something like this..
<web-resource-name>Protected Context</web-resource-name>
<!-- auth-constraint goes here if you requre authentication -->

try this in websphere . it may work.
if it doesnt work the you may try writing filter.
10 years ago
is java plugin enabled in google chrome?
10 years ago
first make sure that your server is properly installed.
ensure that you have proper IP. I think you cant change the IP later.
make sure that you have installed the application properly and no settings left.
now its time to generate CSR file. Its a certificate signing request file.
use ikeyman utility in the bin folder from command prompt to generate certificate request.
Now a private key will be created and public key will be created.
private key you have to keep with your self.
public key you have to sent to CA, cetrificate authority.It may be thwate or verisign.
they will take 2-3 days to give you 3 files.
you have to use ikeyman again now.
You now again have to use those 3 files and add to that private key.
now you have to go to the websphere console and add the certificate path in settings.. I dont remember exact location..
from CSR generation to certificate installation, the 2-3 days, you should not do any changes in system..
thats what was told to me by my CA. that was undigestable to me though..
when there was any change in the settings like appserv02 instead of appserv01, in my case the certificate wont get installed.
so i suggest to first make a setup of system proper. then only start generation of CSR.
10 years ago
if you have other system you can access the Websphere Application server(WAS) console using browser


there you have applications in that you can upload the war file

you probably might have to do changes in the code also.
because i have faced similar issue. some resources file like or some user defined xml files are not found by WAS.
you will have to modify application to read form a specific path.

Also please not that ibm uses ibm jvm to run it. you might be using sun jvm to compile war.
so please dont compile it in 1.6 and install it in ibm 1.5 jdk. use sun jdk 1.5 to compile.
10 years ago