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Santiago Escobar Robledo

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since Apr 17, 2011
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It's so late to answer, but to someone this could be useful ...

Daniel Searson wrote:The exception you are getting is because you are in a Java applet and Java applets aren't allowed to access other files. The method getImage() in the Applet/JApplet class is a way around this (I'm not entirely sure how it works, but it does). Creating an ImageIcon using "new ImageIcon()" is not possible because it relies on normal I/O. So you get an access permission exception.

That's true.

So, with ImageIcon you could do two things to avoid the AccessControlException because

1. To grant explicit permission to access local system resources ... resources that you will use in the applet.

You could see the next link about "Security and Permissions":

2. To use ClassLoader

For example:

Everything is in the same path:

- image.jpg
- index.html -> To run the applet

You could see the next link:

By the way, ImageIcon doesn't allow to resize the image. You could see this post: It works perfect.

12 years ago