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Recent posts by Harmeet Singh Kalra

What is the diffrence between POI-HSSF and POI-POIFS???

what is POIFS file system??? and for waht purpose it is use???

what is the diffrence between these code's ??

/*InputStream wrappedStream = POIFSFileSystem.createNonClosingInputStream(is);
HSSFWorkbook wb = new HSSFWorkbook(wrappedStream);

/*FileOutputStream out = new FileOutputStream
HSSFWorkbook hssfworkbook = new HSSFWorkbook();
HSSFCellStyle cs = hssfworkbook.createCellStyle();*/
12 years ago
it is possible to use MFC serialize in java..???
if we use MFC the it is possible to reald the data of MicrosoftVisualC++ because MFC Concept is basically is used in MicrosoftVisualC++
12 years ago
hello, i want to learn apache poi , so please suggest me that , what is the best source to learn APACHE POI with java.......
12 years ago
Hello, i want to build a application that is used to connect the computers withe each other, it's like that.. the software is installed in computer, just select the computer number from menu and press the connect button to connect each other. is it possible to bild application in java.. if it is possible , then how i start???
hello friends, today i see the java 7.0 is released .... i want to confirm that this is the beta version or fully released version, beacaues its tutorial is updated and API doucmentation is also updatd???
and what abou OCP-JP 7.0 exam???
when the Head First java next editon is released???