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Recent posts by Woraphol Janekittanpaiboon

Dear all,

First of all sorry for my poor English, I would like to create web apps using Servlet technology
running on a large cluster of Tomcat instances.
Performance is what I care the most and as you know session replication across a cluster degrades
system performance significantly since they need to communicate with each other to learn what has
happened to the sessions each stores.
I have an idea to create a kind of centralized session server (or a cluster of it for failover) that stores all the
sessions used for Tomcat instances. What each web server needs when it wants to get access to
a session object is to create a connection to the server and retrieve a session in return. Doing this will also get rid
of the need of sticky session since an Http request can be passed through any web server knowing that it will be using the same
session object.
I think Memcached would be a good candidate but since it lacks replication and fail over thus the sessions
can disappear if a server go down which of course is the last thing you want when handling with precious user sessions.
Is there a kind of this type of server out there so I will not have to reinvent the wheel?


11 years ago
Dear all,

First of all sorry for my poor english. Let's get to the point, I am planing to create a system that will make use of
MDB but I don't want to use any other part of EJB3 specification. I am considering using Glassfish as my
EJB container. The web part that will be sending messages to message brokers will be created and deployed on Tomcat.
Is it overkill to use Glassfish + MDB only to just handle messages from Message brokers without doing anything else like session beans or JPA?
Will there be any performance hit? Because the volume of messages that the MDBs must handle is substantial. (may be
more than a million of messages on some period of time)
I decided to use this pair because I learned them when I prepared for the SCBCD exam and I realize that
it is better to use the tools that I am more familiar rather than learning a new thing which is more popular (In my opinion) like
JMSTemplate of Spring. In addition, I love the idea of MDB for pooling beans when handling each message.

If there is an alternative or any good suggestions, please let me know.