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Recent posts by Anitha Narayanan

Can any one tell me how to write .net client for jaxws-ri sample project 'stateful'.
Java client is working fine for me. But i lost trying to write .net client in similar way. Can some body help me out please.

Is it possible to write .net client for stateful webservice?

I got stucked in getting port like this in vb .net

java code -> Book book1 = service.getPort(bookstore.getProduct("abc001"),Book.class);

Is there any way to get port like this in .net ?

Thanks in Advance
10 years ago
Thank you Dittmer for your reply.
This forum has very useful information. Thanks a lot for maintaining it.
10 years ago
Thanks Dittmer for the quick reply.

Do we have any reason for not to use Jaxws api available in JDk to enable tomcat ?
First of all, I dont know which are all the jars in JDK lib are specific to Jaxws lib. But then out of curiosity i'm asking above question.
Pardon me, if my question is silly.
10 years ago
I have one more question, If tomcat does not have built in support, Is it possible to copy jaxws jar files available in JDK to enable Tomcat lib to support JaxWS api ?
10 years ago
I have one basic question. Is it that latest version of Tomcat have built in support for JaxWs ?
I'm new to Java Web Service. Can somebody help me in understanding?
10 years ago
Hi Dan/Kumar,
I'm facing a problem in auto generated wsdl which has parts="" for soap:body while adding it as web reference in visual studio2008. I have created new thread webpage. Could you please clarify my doubts, Many thanks in advance.
Hi there,

I have a question regarding generated wsdl's soap:body of webmethod which is doc/lit bare style with only one header parameter.

I read BasicProfile V1.1 section 4.4.1 R2213 that soap:body can have empty string in their parts attribute. But if wsdl have parts="", i face below problem in Visual Studio. I'm using bottom-up approach. my web method and generated wsdl is given below.

R2213 In a doc-literal description where the value of the parts attribute of soapbind:body is an empty string, the corresponding ENVELOPE MUST have no element content in the soap:Body element.

Example webmethod:
@WebResult(name = "GetAllStockQuotesResponse", targetNamespace = "http://jaxwebsvcs/StockQuote", partName = "parameters")
@WebMethod(action = "getAllStockQuotes")
public StockQuoteList getAllStockQuotes(
@WebParam(partName = "header", name = "SecurityHeader", targetNamespace = "http://jaxwebsvcs/WebSvcHeader", header =true)
jaxwebsvcs.websvcheader.SecurityAttributes header
) throws ServiceException;

Part of Generated Wsdl:
<message name="getAllStockQuotes">
<part xmlns:ns4="http://jaxwebsvcs/WebSvcHeader" name="header" element="ns4:SecurityHeader" />
<message name="getAllStockQuotesResponse">
<part name="parameters" element="tns:GetAllStockQuotesResponse" />

<portType name="StockQuotePort">
<operation name="getAllStockQuotes">
<input wsam:Action="getAllStockQuotes" message="tns:getAllStockQuotes" />
<output wsam:Action="http://jaxwebsvcs/StockQuote/StockQuotePort/getAllStockQuotesResponse" message="tns:getAllStockQuotesResponse" />
<fault message="tns:ServiceException" name="ServiceException" wsam:Action="http://jaxwebsvcs/StockQuote/StockQuotePort/getAllStockQuotes/Fault/ServiceException" />

<binding name="StockQuotePortBinding" type="tns:StockQuotePort">
<soap12:binding transport="" style="document" />
<operation name="getAllStockQuotes">
<soap12:operation soapAction="getAllStockQuotes" />
<soap12:body use="literal" parts="" />
<soap12:header message="tns:getAllStockQuotes" part="header" use="literal" />
<soap12:body use="literal" />
<fault name="ServiceException">
<soap12:fault name="ServiceException" use="literal" />

If i add this wsdl as web reference in VS2008 i'm getting following error.

Custom tool error: Unable to import WebService/Schema. Unable to import binding 'StockQuotePortBinding' from namespace 'http://jaxwebsvcs/StockQuote'. Unable to import operation 'getAllStockQuotes'. Missing message part '' for message 'getAllStockQuotes' from namespace 'http://jaxwebsvcs/StockQuote'.

Bare style can have zero arguments(parts = empty string) in their web method accordong to BasicProfile 1.1. [considering only non-header parameters consititute arguments below method is the zero argument web method only. So a valid wsdl only, but why VS2008 generates above custom tool error ?
Brief version of above webmethod
public StockQuoteList getAllStockQuotes(@WebParam(header=true) SecAttributes header)

i) How ever if i remove that SecurityAttributes header argument totally, part="" is not generated in the wsdl soap binding body. Therefore i'm able to add web reference without any issue.
ii) Also If i change the parameter style to doc/Lit wrapped, I'm able to add as web reference without any issue.

Is it rule that bare parameter style should have atleast one non-header parameter if it has atleast one header parameter ?
Is it possible to take that parts="" from wsdl without manually editing the wsdl ?
Am i missing any properties of annotations, which adds parts="" for soap:body ?
Can some one help me out with this error ? Please....
10 years ago