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Renato Bobbio Calogero

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Recent posts by Renato Bobbio Calogero

Yes, you gave me a great help! Sorry for the late reply, I did not realize there was a last response for the post !

Thank you very much
9 years ago
Thank you very much for your quick and clarifying answer!

I also had doubt on the toUpperCase() matter, which you solved
I searched on the forum before posting a new topic, and I found this . Better to continue this zombie post than posting new stuff right ? Hope that's correct... however...

how should I test two String variables are the same , just like the Java "equals()" method ? Is this correct ?

thanks in advance for any reply!
I think the BPEL workflow manager was messing around with session, using some parameters which he knows but they are transparent to developer which uses BPEL support.

Now, I had to substitute everything , so i deleted all the BPEL called methods and stuff related to that. I manually manage session beans throught navigation of the jsp_s . I was

just wondering if the JSTL worked like you confirmed they do... so now I could understand better what did BPEL engine and I can write my buisness logic in a way that everything

works fine.

So I understood it right: If I had a bean named "simpleContext" , of the type "SimpleContext" which had an attribute named "user" ( let's suppose a String containing the username

of logged user ) JSTL automatically retrieves it from request ( or session , if it's defined in session ) scope and returns the "user" attribute value.

Thanks a lot for your precious help,

kind regards

9 years ago
I explained myself in few words 'cause I wanted to avoid the standard TL;DR reaction... but ... I am rewriting an application based on BPEL workflow manager.

Is the code simpleContext.user supposed to be managed by bpel maybe ? I mean , the parameter user would just be displayed if in my request I would have

an object of the type SimpleContext , named simpleContext , which has a "user" property . Did I get it ? Thank you for any reply,

9 years ago
Dear users, I am experiencing some problems understanding how an inherited jsp should work :

<c:param name="${AppUtils.consts.PARAM_USER_NAME}" value="${simpleContext.user}"/>

please can somebody explain me how should it be getting the value of ${simpleContext.user} if not defined anywhere ? How should this work ? I inherited this jsp... but I don't
understand what was in mind of who wrote this... how should work the row in bold ?

Thanks a lot!
9 years ago
Dear forum users, I run into a problem while deploying my working webapp in a OC4J remote instance on a remote machine.

I have installed JDeveloper 10.1.2 , and a local instance of OC4J, in which I can deploy my webapp and it works perfectly fine.
Now, when I try to deploy my .ear archive throught the web console of Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g it is deployed fine,


when I try to access to my application at the address offered by oc4j on the remote machine

I got prompted with a popup ( the classical IE or Firefox download popup ) which force me to download
an octet/application stream, and my login.jsp does not show up!

I am wondering why this happens. Lurking on the web I found this topic;jsessionid=7ADFCCADE6D27465F3CBFB3C496B6772?page=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.issuetabpanels%3Aall-tabpanel

which say that I might have misdeclared the content type of my Login.jsp page ( which is mapped as Welcome File in my web.xml )

but I did put the correct jsp content type declaration as follows

<%@ page contentType="text/html"%>

Can anybody help a poor total noob please ? I am totally stuck, I don't even get an exception and I can't even google some more information!

Thanks in advance,

9 years ago
This is a very elegant way to do that, which is what I wanted to achieve, but indeed I thought that could have been something more "less-brainer",
so I did this :

but I really appreciate the fact I learnt the use of java.util.regex, which will be very useful in future ! Thanks a lot !
9 years ago
Or maybe something more like this

9 years ago
I checked your link , but now that I have recognized a pattern in my content strings I got a bit confused .
I can always assume that my A , B , C from before begin with the string PI .

But I can't see any pattern which apply to my case : I need to catch any string starting with PI , and reject any other. I am looking forward to this,

any help is appreciated. Thanks a lot!
9 years ago
I tried with the following :

but it returns just the string " ... do you have any suggestion on which regex I should use ? The strings between the characters " and " are variable, and the have not a
standard patter. I just need to get rid of

list(groups( ...

stuff , getting only the contents and not the keywords, and I wish not to implement any buisness logic to recognize if the value which populate the list are useless stuff or the contents I need... do you have any hint ? Thanks ...
9 years ago
Yes, you got the point ... regular expression you say... i used them in javascript but never in java... could you give me some hint on
which api to use and some best practice to do that?

Thanks a lot!
9 years ago
Dear users,

I wish to tokenize a String which should have the following pattern :


I need to extract only the values between my " character.

Is there any smart way to do this without implementing any logic to recognize the Strings after tokenization ?

Thanks a lot!
9 years ago
Good day every body . I got stuck with hibernate.
I mapped my bean as follows :


I defined on my Oracle 10G database that my column TASKNUMBER has a default value = 1,
and on my schema I have the field TASKNUMBER as nullable=false. But when I try to insert in my database an object of the type
PCTASK , I got complained that

could not set a field value by reflection setter of previtc.model.task.PcTask.taskNumber

This is obviously because when I instantiate an object PcTask, I do not assign any value to his TASKNUMBER field, because I want
it to be generated at the moment of the Insert statement.

Do you have any ideas on why hibernate is not automatically generate my field when I try to insert my pcTask object ? Thanks a lot!
Thank you so much for your answer. It was clearifying. I have to deal with inherited code, so I can't go too much off path, even if I know there are many ways to do this better.

Just to be clear, as you said my attribute is not in scope,

but if I define

and the in my jsp

I should see my variable ...

then I did this, because I tried as you said but it did not worked just like that ... so I did

maybe it's not smart... but it is working fine...
thank you so much again, You gave me the correct hint...
9 years ago