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pedro povoa wrote:Hello guys,

i had a minor cirurgy last week... so i had to take a break from certification.
But meanwhile, i followed Roel's advice and started to read "SCJD Exam with J2SE 5, Second Edition. By Andrew Monkhouse and Terry Camerlengo" and i must say:
If you are , this book will clarify your mind and you will for sure get a better idea of what you have to do. And you get working samples!

Kind regards,

That's great to hear pedro, as I am working my way through that book just now before starting on my URLyBird assignment.

I'm thinking once I've completed the assignment in the book it I will be able to modify it in eight weeks or so so it does all the functionality required by URLyBird. Does this seem like a good idea?
I also just went through the process of purchasing the SCJD assignment, and have attached a similar screenshot which highlights what I have just paid for.

However I was a bit surprised to see the assignment was priced at $125. I thought the price was $300 / £202? (The same as an Oracle Java exam).

Especially when you see that the re-submission project shown in the screenshot is priced at $300.

PS: I also got the URLyBird assignment. I wonder if that is coincidence or perhaps it is the only one they are issuing to candidates just now...

Matt Pavlovich wrote:Yes, according to my set of instructions Roel is right. They only thing on the instruction page I see regarding "version" is the JDK version. Just my two cents...

Speaking of the JDK version...

I've noticed that Java SE7 is going to be out soon (and is in fact the new Netbeans release includes a developer preview of JDK 7).

However, I take it that even if SE7 were to be formally released in the next few weeks we'd still have to submit any OCMJD assignments to run against SE6?

Roberto Perillo wrote:Also, please take a look here. I think it will also be helpful in your preparation!

Yup have already downloaded that white paper and started to read it. I've also ordered the Monkhouse book, and until I receive it I will probably do some Swing tutorials as it's been a while since I've developed an app that uses it.

Also, cheers for the wall of fame link. Hopefully I'll get my own name up there over the summer!

Marcel van den Boer wrote:I haven't read it myself yet, so right now I can't recommend it . But I found this thread for you, which implies that it is still a very, very good resource.

Great find Marcel, don't know why I didn't see that one...

Must still be recovering from the Easter break...
I passed the SCJP exam last week and I'm now interested in completing the OCMJD certification. I'm aware that I need to get moving quickly if I want to get it done before August 1st so I'm hoping to get things rolling this week.

My preparation for last week's exam was helped a lot by the Bates and Sierra practice exam book, as well as a self-study CD-ROM produced by Oracle. With that in mind I've been having a look for a suitable book which can assist with the completion of the OCMJD assignment. On this forum I've seen a lot of chat about a book by Monkhouse and Camerlengo ( ), but I'm a bit concerned that it has been written for Java SE5, and there doesn't appear to be a new version for Java SE6 yet.

Does this matter? Are there any SE6-specific features that are useful during the assignment that aren't mentioned in the book? Would everyone on here who's read it recommend it?

I have tried using the search function to see if there is any specific discussion on this issue, but I haven't seen any, which would lead me to believe I am worrying over nothing.

Also if anyone has any other book recommendations I would be glad to hear them!

Many thanks
I also have passed!

My mark wasn't as good (only 66% for me) but given that I didn't manage to spend as long preparing as I should have (or rather, I wasn't expecting it to take me so long to prepare) I'm just glad I managed to pass it.

The study guide I was using was a set of Oracle interactive courses, in particular I was using WJ-2751-SE6, WJ-2752-SE6, WJ-2753-SE6 and WJ-2754-SE6.

They were ok, but if I were to have to do this exam again I would use a different one, as they don't seem to go into the same level of depth as the requirements for the exam. Also the lab exercises are very easy, and there isn't many of them either.

Luckily I had Bates and Sierra Practice Exams book. I only had time to do the the first two tests, mainly because after doing each one I took the time to code every question that had code in it to generate a better understanding of the objective being asked about. I really was following their mantra of code-code-code, and it really does help. For each question I wrote a short summary of a lesson learned from it, and was able to print these out on the day of the exam for me to read over on the way to the test centre.

One thing I have to say is that I found that a lot of the questions in the real exam seemed a lot easier than in the book. I know the book says this is to be expected, but I though there was quite a big gap between the two. My mark in the real exam wasn't that great, but in the two practice exams I found the time to do I got less than 50% so to be honest I wasn't really expecting to pass.

Anyway, I'm just glad to have passed. Next up for me is the SCJD assignement!
9 years ago