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Recent posts by Saral Saxena

Hi Folks..

I was going through threads and I read that ..The notify() method is used to send a signal to one and only one of the threads that are waiting in that same object's waiting pool. The method notifyAll() works in the same way as notify(), only it sends the signal to all of the threads waiting on the object....Now my query is that if Lets say I have 5 threads waiting and through Notify() , i want to send to notification to thread 3 only, what logic should be there that notification is sent to thread 3 only ..!!

I have come up with the code..

The ouput will be...

Thread-0 going to wait...
Thread-3 going to wait...
Thread-2 going to wait...
Thread-4 going to wait...
Thread-1 going to wait...
Thread-2 woken up!

So you can clearly see that only the third thread (indexed from zero) is woken up.

But please advise me any simpler code to achieve the same thing as this code is still not clear to me, ..!!