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Recent posts by Lars Lemos

I passed OCA 8 with 71%.

I'm student and have no professional experience writing code in java.
Did my OCP Java SE 6 in 2011.
I want to write the OCE Java EE 6 Web Component, so I can have a good job as a Java Web Developer,
since I come from Mozambique and I'm studying in India.

I started preparing for OCA 8 , 3 months ago.

OCA 8 Sybex Guide by Jeanne and Scott.
All the chapter assessments were really tricky and thoroughly tested the concepts I learnt.
I give 10/10 for the Sybex guide.

Code ranch Forum: I read all the questions from other ranchers and tried answering a few of them.

The Sybex Mock Exams were much tougher and trickier when compared to real exam.

Mock test 1: 70%
Mock Test 2: 75%
Mock Test 3: 78%

Thanks to all fellow ranchers for helping me out.
8 years ago
I read the two books for my exam 1Z0-899.
The two books cover the exams.
But most of the exam is based on the Java EE5, basics functionality of the Servlets and JSP Technology.
On the new additions to the Java EE6, which you find in the book OCEJWCD Study Companiom, Chapters 8, 10,11,12.

My finally advice.
Read one of the books twice, and practice a lot with examples.
Thank you all.

I studied for 3 months.
I can't say which topics are most important, because I wanted to understand everything on the books so
that I can be a developer with good foundations.
Enjoy learning(write a lot of code) and be confident for the exam when your ready.
12 years ago
I'm from Mozambique currently studying in India.
I cleared my OCP JP.16 with 91%.
Thank You very much to Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates for both books HeadFirst Java & SCJP1.6 Stuy Guide. They were an amazing Help.

Now I'm preparing for the next, I don't know what is better OCM JD or OCP JWCD?
12 years ago