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Recent posts by Mushraf Khan

GoodDay Everyone.

I have passed OCPJP recently with 76%. I have working experience in oracle/ plsql ( oracle as database and forms as front end). Now I want to pursue my career using Oracle,plsql and java. Can anyone please suggest me which course or certification i should pursue to further my career.

Options I am considering.

1. Using Java - for pl/sql and database developer( this is new course added to OU).
2. Program with pl/sql (1Z0-144)
3. Program with Advanced PL/sql.(1Z0-146)
4. ?? options which i am not aware of.Please suggest.
5. ?? What skills are in demand these days with my above mentioned skill set.

I really would be appreciiate if anyone could answer my query. Thanks a lot in advance.

M. Khan

GoodDay Everyone,

Can anyone please help me. I have passed OCPJP with 76% couple of days ago. I used to work earlier on oracle and forms(developer 2000). I am having 7 years of expeience. Now that my children have grown up to go to school ,i am planning to go to work after a having a gap of 5-6 years. Can anyone please suggest what type of job can i get with OCPJP and 7 years of expeience in oracle, any website etc. I want to use OCPJP and oracle combination. Or do i need to do any other course to increase my chances of getting a job. Please help me. I am totally unaware what is in the market or what type of job can i get with this. Please give suggestion. I will help me to take the next step. Please.

Mrs Mushraf Khan
9 years ago
Thank you Everybody !!!
GoodDay EveryOne,

Today I have passed OCPJP (SCJP) exam with 76%. It is a great day and Great moment for me. I would like to say that without Devaka Cooray's Exam Stimulator , it would have been impossible for a starter in Java like me to come so far. The explaination of the questions are very important tool for learning and understading Java. I recommend whoever wants to take this exam, please GO through all the questions. You will learn a lot. I extend my big thanks to all Java ranchers - all who had answered my all queries (Initially before joining Java Ranch forum, i used to spend days trying to figure out right answer). but with this forum, i post questions and i get answers within hours. Nevertheless K & B stuyding and understanding is a also must. I thank all specially who had answered and cleared my doubts. You rock Java Ranch Forum.

Mushraf Khan
Thanks Sebanti. Understood it clearly. really appreciate it. Thanks again
Thanks a lot. Yes, Amey , my question was to access interface variable from main. Its clear to me now. Thanks Sebanti also for the explaination
Sorry, to bother again. Let me be bit specific. In the method tt() when k = null, does not make n null. Is that right. And as you were saying that after the {} of main method , objects get garbage collected.Please comment on this. i would greatly appreciate.

Thanks in advance
Hello Everyone,

Can anyone please help me out if this is right.

Class A{ B b}
Class B{
A a
public static void main(String args[])

A aa = new A();
B bb = new B();
aa = null;'

At this point how many objects are gc. My understanding says one ie aa. Can anyone comment on this please

GoodDay Everyone,

Anyone please who could help me to clear this doubt. I have read that objects passed to the method cannot be garbage collected inside the method, because this was not the place they were created. This program is crude, just listed the above concept in program. Is this right.

In method tt() , k is made null, means can be garbage collected, also when the method is executed all objects created are lost, unless the reference is passed. So based on the above, n is not garbage collected, as it was just passed to the method, and was created outside the method.

public class NewMain58 {

public void tt(NewMain58 k){ k = null;}

public static void main(String[] args) {
NewMain58 n = new NewMain58();;


GoodDay EveryOne

Anyone who could help me with this doubt, I will greatly appreciate it. Please.

abstract class Test{ int i =10;}
interface inter{int i = 2;}
public class NewMain57 extends Test implements inter {
int i = 9;

public static void main(String[] args) {
inter n = new NewMain57();
System.out.println(n.i); -----> Prints 2;

Test n = new NewMain57();
System.out.println(n.i); -----> Prints 10;

NewMain57 n = new NewMain57();
System.out.println(n.i); -----> Prints 9;



Is this right(although i ran in netbeans , got these answers). Is there any way we can get the variable i of inter interface into NewMain57 class (other than this) as this class inherits the variable of inter interface which is public static and constant.
Thanks a lot Paul. I will try to do all other test and then proceed for the final test. Thanks again for clearing the doubt.

Mushraf Khan

Hello everyone

Today i had given test8 of enthuware , scored 60% but failed. I scored less than 50% in 2 topics but rest is more than 78%. what is the passing score in test. Or is it the case that if you score less than 58% in any topic , you are failed. Can anyone clear this to me. I would really appreciate it,

Mushraf Khan
Hello All,

Since I have some time left to give exam, is it important to try all enthuware test. 12 Tests are a lot. I managed to score 60 % in Test8 ( which i choose randomly).
Please advice. Thanks in advance.

Mushraf Khan

Yeah, was going to give but here in adelaide, the centre is closed till 1st week of new year. So will be giving next year... Anyhow Best of Luck to you.